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Tape 1 
Long Time No See 
Doug: Ian, mate. Good to see ya. 
Ian: Doug, g'day mate. 
Doug: How are you? 
Ian: I'm good. I'm good. And you? 
Doug: I'm very well. Listen, I believe congratulations are in order. 
Ian: Ah, you've heard, have you? A littte baby girl, six and a half pounds, 
ten fingers, ten toes. 
Doug: And is it true the baby was born on Christmas Day? 
Ian: That's right. Little miracle. 
Doug: Ah, you know what that's going to mean? She's going to want a 
birthday present and a Christmas present. [LAUGHS] 
Ian: Oh don't, don't start. She's so beautiful! 
Doug: [LAUGHS] So what did you call the baby? 
Ian: Oh we went for ah Ann. 
Doug: Mm hm. 
Ian: Something short and simple. You know we thought with the name 
like Mastroianni. It was best just to keep it down to one syllable. 
Doug: Not a bad idea. [LAUGHS] 
Ian: She's adorable though. I tell you, I can't take my eyes off her. I can 
barely tear myself away. 
Doug: I know exactly what you mean. You know, my two girls are both in 
their teens now. 
Ian: Oh they're not. 
Doug: Can you believe it? They're always on the phone. Course they they 
both want mobiles now. 
Ian: Oh yes. 
Doug: Boys coming around. 
Ian: Adds up. 
Doug: It's scary. But it was funny last week I asked the girls if they wanted 
to come with me and see ACDC. Well, they looked at me... 
Ian: What's the... 
Doug: Yes, they looked at me as if I were a Martian. AC who? [LAUGHS] 
Ian: [LAUGHSI Ah, and and you've been good, you been well yourself? 
Business is good? 
Doug: Oh business, before Christmas, business was booming. I mean, I'm 
not knocking it the money was terrific but by the end oh, I just needed to 
get away so we went to Perth after Christmas. 
Ian: Good. 
Doug: And had a holiday with my sister. 
Ian: Yeah, you do, you have to go away you know. I I had a pretty hectic 
year last year and [SIGHS] I thought, you know, with the baby arriving and 
Cheryl was feeling a bit snowed under, I thought no I I'll take a few 
months off and ah, and spend the time with the family and I have to say it 
was the right decision. 
Doug: Oh. You have to. 
Ian: Yep. Hey, we're having a barbecue on the weekend, ah, inviting a 
couple of the lads over, we've got Geoff and Enrique. Do you, do you 
want to drop in? 
Doug: Oh yes, sounds terrifrc. 
Ian: It's Jim's birthday. 
Doug: Ah, right. 
Ian: So we've got, ah, Adriana there. Bring bring ah Mary, bring the girls if 
you like, you know. There'll be other kids there so drop in for a beer. 
Doug: Sounds good. 
Ian: Say, I don't know, after two? 
Doug: Sounds good to me. 
Ian: All right. I'lI see you there. 
Doug: See you then. 
Ian: OK. Bye. 

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