Ôn tập kiểm tra học kì II môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 12

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Choose the best answer
1. (Printer/ Monitor/ In put tray/ Bulletin) is a machine that prints words from a computer.
2. Tom has (for/ already/ yet/ recently) finished his interview, so he has left the TV studio.
3. Don’t forget to (turned off/ find out/ point out/ plug in) all the lights when you go to bed.
4. The book is short but (entertained/ entertaining/ time-consuming/ time-consumed) 
5. (Campus/ highland/ valley/ Bay) is the grounds and buildings of an university or college
6. That printer is (on/ in/ of/ under) guarantee so the company will repair it.
7. Would you mind (to open/ open/ opened/ opening) the window?
8. The facsimile (invented/ has invented/ was inventing/ was invented) by Alexander Bain in 1843.
9. Viet Nam is a (export-rice/ rice- export/ rice- exporting/ exports-rice) country.
10. My family has lived in Pleiku City (in/ since/ for/ with) 10 years.
11. Mrs. Nga (doesn’t/ didn’t have/ hasn’t had/ isn’t having) dinner yet, so she is really hungry.
12. The information (stores/ stored/ is stored/ are stored) on a computer.
13. I saw a (train/ helicopter/ conveyor belt/ coach) flying overhead.
14. (washing machine/ dishwasher/ microwave/ hairdryer) is a machine that washes dishers
15. This food tastes (delicious/ wonder/ deliciously/ wonderfully).
16. Has the flight to Vnam departed (yet/ already/ recent/ just)?
17. James (is always playing/ always plays/ always played/ is always playing) loud music and annoying the neighbors.
18. Would you mind if I (use/ used/ using/ to use) this dictionary?
19. My sister showed me how (to make/ make/ made/ making) clothes.
20. the (noise/ noisy/ noiseless/ noisily) of the traffic sometimes keep people awake at night.
21. If she feels tired, she should (go/ went/ going / to go) to bed early.
22. My parents asked us (whether/ if/ if & whether/ what) we liked to go fishing.
23. I and my friends had a (wonder/ wonderful/ wonderfully/ wondering) time in Hue City.
24. The Japanese (learn/ learning/ to learn/ learned) how to make paper in the 17th century.
25. Lan’s family moved (at/ in/ about/ to) HCM City in 2012.
26. My computer doesn’t work. I think (it broke/ it is broke/ it broken/ it is broken)
27. A Chinese officer made paper from (wood pulp/ pulp wood/ wool pulp/ pulp wool) in the year 2015.
28. Last night I was watching TV (then/ and/ when/ while) the bell rang.
29. I told her that I wouldn’t visit her the ( tomorrow/ before/ following/ this/ day).
30. My friend is a good EL student. She speaks EL (fluent/ fluently/ quick/ fastly).
31. Mr Pike moved (at/ about/ in/ to Danang city 2 years ago.
32. His sister (has left/ leaves/ left/ was leaving) her school in 2016.
33. A new school (has built/ has been built/ was being built/ was built) in my neighbourhood recently.
34. I was listening to music (while/ when/ what/ so) my brother was reading a book.
35. The computer has stopped working (at/ in/ for/ since) 7 o’clock this morning.
36. The fight from Los Angeles has not arrived already.
 A b c d
 After finished breakfast, Bill left the house and went to his office.
 A b c d
 Tim asked his mother could he have an apple.
 A b c d
 While I was going to school, I was meeting my friends, James
 A b c d
 I turned out the radio and listened to the 7 o’clock news.
 A b c d
37. council 	surround	touch	throughout
38. complied	moved	gathered	guessed
39. first	promised	plastic	island
40. button	computer	plug	discuss
41. suitable	bamboo	rub	plumber
42. save	same	campus	dangerous
43. screen	jack	socket	click
44. knob	talk	skeptical	dark
45. machine	chocolate	touch	kitchen
1. My bottles can be (reused/ recycle/ thrown away/) after being cleaned.
2. Would you mind (to close/ closing/ closed) the windows?
3. It is (interesting/ interested/ interestingly) to travel around VN.
4. He is always (lose/ losting/ losing) the school bus.
5. The Pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven (pyramids/ temples/ wonders) of the world.
6. John is interested (on/ at/ in) the history of VN.
7. The old lamp (make/ made/ making) in China is 5 dollars.
8. You sought to (read/ to read/ reading) books everyday.
Điền giới từ
1. I’ll come and pick .. at your hotel tomorrow.
2. These shoes and sandals are made  old car tires.
3. She has worked in that factory . A long time.
4. People throw . Billions of cans every year all over the world.
5. Mount Rushmore can be seen  more than 100 kms away.
6. They must separate the rice .the husk.
Chia động từ
1. Mr. John enjoyed (listen)  to music while he (drive) 
2. They are fond of (play)  tennis.
3. My brother (already write)  a long report.
4. We (watch)  Tv at 7 o’clock yesterday.
5. You started (learn)  EL 3 years ago.
6. I don’t know how (make) .. a cake.
7. She said that she (visit) . Ha Long Bay.
8. Would you mind if I (turn)  on the light?
9. Do you mind (open)  the door?
10. Next year, the students (go)  on a trip.
Đặt câu phần gạch chân
1. The EL speaking contest will be held at Hung Vuong School.
2. We have been in Pleiku City for ten years.
Đổi sang bị động
The students clean the boars everyday.
Lan has already met her old friends.
I can speak English.
Did you visit your old friends.
Viết sang câu gián tiếp
“We’re waiting for the bus.” Said the children
He said to his friend: “I must go to school now.”
Lan asked me: “Do you want to visit Ha Long Bay?” 
I asked Minh: ‘Are you free?” 
Viết câu bắt đầu từ gợi ý
She built this house in 2012.
She has .
We hate drinking coffee,
I don’t like .
Can I borrow your book?
Would you mind .
Can you answer this question for me?
Do you mind .
“I will do this exercise tomorrow”
 He said that .
Vietnam is a country which exports a lot of rice.
Tìm sửa lổi
Mrs John and her husband took a small plane to Kilauea vocano
Tim likes walking along the bank of Hoan Kiem waterfall.
My children have gone to Halong Bay yet.
1. She promised she (is/ was/ has been/ will be) in about half hour.
2, People use first-aid (so that/ in order to/ so as not to/ in order that) ease the victim’s pain and anxiety.
3. Milk (brings/ is bringing/ is bought/ has bought) to the houses by the milkman everyday.
4. We were delighted (get/ getting/ to get/ got) your letter last week.
5. Milk bottles can be (reused/ recycle/ thrown away/) after being cleaned.
6. This project (is carried/ carries out/ will be carried/ will carry) out next month.
7. It is dangerous (to swim/ swim/ swimming/ swam) in this part of the river.
8. We are looking forward to (see/ saw/ seeing/ seen) you in June.
9. I can see boys (ride/ to ride/ rode/ riding) water buffalo in VN.
10. It is (interesting/ interested/ interest/ interestingly) to travel in VN.
11. Would you mind (to close/ close/ closed/ closing) the widow?
12. (could/ don’t/ do/ would) you mind if I smoke?
13. My sister likes (listens/ listening/ listen/ listened) to music in the evening.
14. This is he first time Hoa (has seen/ saw/ sees/ see) that sight.
15. He is always busy (on/ in/ at/ for/) Sunday.
16. When we were in Italy, we spent a few days (at/ on/ in/ for) Venice.
17. They are good friends. They (know/ have known/ knew/ will know) each other for a long time.
18. How about (going/ go/ to go/ went) to supermarket?
19. (do you want/ would you mind/ would you like/ could you please) to come and have dinner with us? – I’d love to but I’m busy.
20. She asked me if (do I live/ I live/ I lived/ did I live) in Hoi An.
21. She was reading (when/ which/ while/ at time) her sister was watching TV.
22. Millions of Christmas cards (were sent/ send/ are sent/ is sent) every year.
23. A contest in which participants have to fetch water from the river is called (water-fetch/ water-fetching/ fetching-water/ fetch-water) contest.
24. I must go now, I promise (not to be/ not being/ to not be/ not be) late.
25. He used (gets/ got/ to get/ getting) up late.
26. Lan (lives/ lived/ was living/ has lived) in HCM C for 10 years. Now she lives in Nha Trang.
27. We have been in London (for/ since/ in/ during) very tired.
28. He said he (is/ was/ are/ were) very tired.
29. They asked their son (go/ goes/ going/ to go) to bed early.
30. The boys (play/ playing/ are playing/ to play) football now.
31. She asked Nam (if he can/ if he could/ whether he can/ whether can he) speak EL.
32. This house used (paint/ be painted/ being painted/ to be painted) blue.
33. Santa Clause is based (on/ at/ in/ for) the description of Saint Nicholar.
34. Her mom (waits/ waited/ was waiting/ were waiting) for Hoa when she came home.
35. Finally we decided (go/ went/ going/ to go) to the play at the theatre.
36. I (see/ saw/ seen/ have seen) the movie already.
37. I (see/ saw/ seen/ have seen) it 5 years ago.
38. The first hamburgers (to make/ were made/ were making/ has been made) by Louis Lassen in 1985.
39. She started to do this exercise at 8, but she hasn’t finished it (already/ just/ never/ yet)
1. activity	noisy	technology	try
2. they	think	this	there
3. ambulance	bandage	damage	patient
4. house	honor	heritage	husk
5. seat	great	seaside	beach
6. sight	flight 	village	tribe
7. seat	sugar	sight	sand
8. looked	suggested	minded	decided
9. stamps	trains	hotels	caves
10. head	beach	weather	heavy
11. mouth	cloud	tour	house	
12. why	try	dry	gym
13. problem	sock	computer	document
14. required	earned	washed	played
15. they	these	both	that
16. China	check	chemist	chair
1. “Is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franscico?” Hoa said to Tim
Hoa asked Tim whether the Golden Gate Bridge .
2. She cleans the floor every morning.
The floor is 
3. Do you mind if I use your computer?
Would you mind if I 
4. Lan said “I’m watching TV now.”
Lan said that 
5. She said to me “Turn off all the lights when you go out.”
She asked 
6. The boy said “I am waiting for the bus.”
The boy said 
7. They used recycled plastic to make toys
Recycled plastic 
8. The last time I played tennis was in 2012.
I haven’t 
1. mom/ showed/ children/ where/ put/ clothes
2. they/ live/ here/ for ten years
3. would/ mind/ if/ I/ sit/ here?
4. He/ going/ visit/ Ha Long Bay/ next month
5. I/ pleased/ you/ come/ here/ tomorrow 
6. Nam/ read/ comics/ at the moment
7. you/ always/ making/ noise
8. Mr. Son/ work/ his factory/ since 1999

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