Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 - Unit 1

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Mrs. Nhien.E11.TD.TEST FOR UNIT 1 Name.Mark..
Task 1. Pronunciation
1.a. gap	b. manner	c.teenager	d. parents 
2.a. preference 	b. relationship	c.generation	d. footsteps
3.a. norm	b. afford	c. formal	d. forbid
Task 2. Stress
1.a. conflict	b. belief	c. afford	d. childcare
2.a. impose	b. viewpoint	c. behaviour	d. extended
Task 3. Fill in the gap with the vocabulary you have learned in Unit 1.
1. A(n) 	is a big family that includes not only the parents and children, but also grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, all living under the same roof.
2. A(n) 	is a persons opinion about a subject.
3.  is the name given to a particular product by the company that makes it.
4. is the care of children, especially while parents are at work
5. A(n)...................................................is the difference in attitudes or behaviour between younger and older age groups, which can cause a lack of understanding.
6. . is an accepted way of behaving or doing things that most people agree with.
7.in a multi-generational family are unavoidable.
8. My grandparents and I like to listen to the same  of music, so there isn't always generation gap.
Task 4. Make compound nouns with the given words the complete the sentences with the correct words.
A. nuclear, foot, view, school, table, junk, house, hair, soft.
B. style, children, family, manners, drinks, food, hold, steps, point.
a. Parents should try to see things from a teenager’s .
b. Have your parents ever complained about 	?
c. A/an is a family that consists of parents and children.
d. Why is there abetween parents and children?
e. are the rules of behaviour that are typically accepted while people are eating at a table.
f. Have you ever thought about following your father’s .. and becoming a teacher?
g.	Why are soft drinks and not good for our health?
h.	Do you thinkshould wear uniforms?
Task 1. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence
1. You ___________ your mobile phone in the examination room.	
A. oughtn’t to	B. mustn’t	C. don’t have to	D. shouldn’t
2. My grandparents live in the suburb, so whenever we visit them, we___________ a bus.
A. must take	B. should take	C. have to be taken	D. have to take
3.We might leave earlier than we expected.
A. ought to	B. must	C. have to	D. should
4.You pick up Tom at the airport because Judy will pick him up.
A. oughtn’t to	B. mustn’t	C. don’t have to	D. shouldn’t
5.You  eat in the class.
A. oughtn’t to	B. mustn’t	C. don’t have to	D. shouldn’t
6.You eat plenty of fruit or vegetables every day in order to keep healthy.
A. oughtn’t to	B. mustn’t	C. don’t have to	D. should
7.We ..show respect to our parents.
A. ought to	B. must	C. have to	D. should
8.She is an expert adviser; thus, I think you ..to ask her for some advice.
A. oughtn’t	B. must	C. have	D. ought
Task 2. Rewrite each sentence using the word(s) in the brackets, without changing its meaning.
1.I am not allowed to go out with my friends in the evening. (mustn't)
2. It is a good idead for us to take an umbrella with us when we go out. (should)
We ..
3. It is necessary for young people to plan for their future. (Use Have to)
Young people 
4.Ms. Ly is in charge of cleaning the floor every day. (has to)
Ms. Ly 
5.If I were you, I would spend more time talking with my children. (should)
6.John doesn't get permission to use that computer. (mustn't)
7.Customers are advised to check their luggage before leaving the airport. (ought to)
8.It is forbidden for students to cheat in the exam. (mustn't)
Over the past few years, in both the USA and the UK, the number of multi-generational households with three or four generations living under the same roof has increased. This trend has been the result of several economic factors.
High unemployment rates, part-time work and low-paid jobs have forced young adults to move back with their parents. In addition, families now face higher costs of housing and heavier pressures of both childcare and elderly care.
Living under the same roof with three or four generations can be frustrating because of the lack of space, independence and privacy, and the daily conflicts brought about by differences in values and attitudes.
However, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. When living with members of their extended family, young children can develop relationships with adults other than their parents, and old people can become more active when interacting with the younger generations. 
Whether we accept it or not, the trend keeps growing as more and more people are choosing traditional extended families.
1. What family trend has increased in the USA and the UK?
2. What are the reasons for this family trend?
3. List some disadvantages of living in an extended family.
4. How do young children benefit from living in an extended family?
5. How can old people benefit from living in an extended family?
6. Find the closest meaning word
Unemployment a. having a job b. out of work c. use of something d. hiring someone
frustrating a. encouraged b. disappointed c. supported d.cooperate
a. the state of being free from the attention of the public
b. the state of being getting the attention of the public 
c. the state of being watched or disturbed by other people
d. the state of being alone and not watched or disturbed by other people

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