Bài tập ôn môn Tiếng Anh 10 Sách Thí điểm - Unit 1: Family life

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Verb tenses:
1. He___________________(not be) at home last night. He_____________(stay) at his friend’s house.
2. They______________(complete) the construction of this building in 2015.
3. It_________________(be) five o’clock now and the children___________________(build) the sand castle on the beach.
4. _____________________(she/ often/ give) her mother a hand with the household chore?	-	Yes, she ________. She usually__________________(do) the laundry and_______________(sweep) the floor.
5. ______________________(she/ write) something at the moment?	-	Yes. She_________________(write) a letter.
6. What_____________________(you/ do) two days ago?	- I_____________________(go) camping with my friends.
7. Look! The cat_______________(chase) the mouse.
8. ____________________(you/ have) a pet when you were a child? – No, I__________________.
9. My brother_____________________(be) a policeman. He_________________(love) his job.
10. There____________________(be) eleven countries in South East Asia.
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence:
1. It is the duty of the young people to take_______of their elderly parents.
A. responsibility	B. care	C. after	D. place
2. The husband should share household chores with his wife because it will create a_____________atmosphere. 
A. negative	B. vulnerable	C. positive	D. dark
3. We are_______________with an Autralian company to create a new type of medicine.
A. collaborating	B. consisting	C. educating	D. divorcing
4. The young people tend_______________faraway from parents nowdays.
A. to living	B. living	C. live	D. to live
5. In my family, every member______________to the household duties.	
A. splits	B. contributes	C. prepares	D. creates
6. My husband and I are not______________of each other when we split the housework. We feel happy to do it.
A. responsible	B. vulnerable	C. critical	D. enormous
7. I often____________the tables for meals.
A. take	B. get	C. lay	D. cook
8. She likes to meet and spend time with other people. She is very_________.
A. unfriendly	B. rude	C. sociable	D. introvert
Mistake correction:
1. There is a umbrella at the top of the wardrobe.	____________
	 A B	 C	 D
2. Where is she 	sit now? – In front of the fountain.	____________
 A	 B	 C	D	
3. She spends one hour a day to swim in the morning.	____________
	 A	 B	 C	 D
4. They didn’t washed the clothes last weekend because it rained.	 	____________
	 A	 B	 C	 D
1. A. chore	B. four	C. divorce	D. household
2. A. burden	B. educate	C. contribute	D. cute
3. A. lay	B. take	C. have	D. stay
Choose the most suitable word for each gap to finish the passage:
My (1)___________family includes three members. My husband is an engineer at a car producing company. I am a teacher at a junior high school. My daughter is four years old. Because we both work and are busy, we send her to a (2)______________in our neighbourhood. All of the members often spend time with each other in the evening. My husband and I prepare dinner (3)______________. My daughter paints pictures or watches cartoons. Although there (4)__________a lot of household duties around home, I am not tired because my husband joins (5)____________to do housework with me. 
1. A. extended	B. huge	C. nuclear	D. big
2. A. nursing home	B. nursery school	C. high school	D. university
3. A. each other	B. one another	C. of other	D. together
4. A. is	B. are	C. was	D. were
5. A. hearts	B. heads	C. feet	D. hands

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