Bài tập môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 Sách Thí điểm (Phần Listening) - Unit 1: Family life

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Today we discuss the changes in roles formed by men and women in families. Changes in family life have made men and women’s role more alike than ever as the wives are also responsible for family finances. Family experts say the old notions of who does what in the family may be more and more unclear. Men are not the sole breadwinners for the family like they used to be and they are much more involved in housework and parenting. Because men and women’s role in families has become more alike, for couples to balance their work and family life, perhaps equally shared parenting is the best solution. Equally shared parenting means the conscious and purposeful sharing in four demands of life:
Child raising: both parents have equal responsibility to nurture and to take care of the children
Breadwinning: husbands and wives’ careers are equally important. 
Housework: the household chores should be equally divided between the wife and husband. 
Recreation: both partners have an equal chance of time for their own interests, and of course to be with each other.
Experts have found out that families that can keep to those four principles of equally shared parenting become happier and the divorce rate is the lowest amongst them. 
MC: Good evening, welcome to our happy family program. Our topic today is roles in the family and our guests are Mr. Pham Hoang, an artist, Mr. Nguyen Nam, a teacher and Ms. Mai Lan, a doctor. Now we’ll hear what they think the roles of the wife and husband are in the family nowadays. What do you think about this, Mr. Pham Hoang? 
Pham Hoang: Well, in my opinion, in the family, the husband is the provider while the wife is the homemaker. Her job is to look after everybody in the family and take care of the house to make sure it is clean and neat and that the family has good meal every day. 
MC.: So, you mean the wife has to do most of the housework. What do you think, Ms. Mai Lan?
Mai Lan: Well, I don’t think so. Women’s role has changed. They also work to share the financial burden with their husbands, so their husband should share household duties with them. 
MC.: I see. What do you think, Mr. Nguyen Nam?
Nguyen Nam: I agree with Ms. Mai Lan. Homemaking cannot be the job of the wife or the husband. Both should join hands to provide for the family and to make it happy.
The healthy eating pyramid is a simple, reliable guide to choosing a healthy diet. Its foundation is daily exercise and weight control since these two related elements strongly influence your chances of staying healthy. The healthy eating pyramid built from there showing that you should eat more foods from the bottom part of the pyramid-vegetables, pure grains and fewer from the top-red meat, refine grain, potatoes, sugary drinks and salt. When it’s dining time, fill half your plate with vegetables, the more varied the better, and fruits. Save a course of your plate for whole grain. Fish, poultry, beans or nuts can make up the rest. Healthy oil like olive and canola are advised in cooking, on salad and at the table. Complete your meal with a cup of water, or if you like, tea or coffee with a little or no sugar. Staying active is half of the secret to weight control, the other half is a healthy diet that meets your calorie needs. So be sure that you choose the plate that is not too large. 
What are you listening to, Nam?
I have a dream by ABBA.
Can you sing the song?
Sure, most Vietnamese teenagers can’t sing it.
Really? How nice. What is your favorite kind of music Nam?
Could you give me the name of some inspirational songs you like?
Tien Quan Ca by Van Cao, Noi Vong Tay Lon by Trinh Cong Son, Circle of life by Elton John and Tim Rice, and We are the world by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. 
Why do you like these songs?
Because they inspire me, and I can learn lessons about things such as patriotism, charity, hope and love. 
Incredible! It seems you know lots of English songs.
Thank you. How about you? What is your favorite type of music?
Well, like the most American teenagers, I like hip hop or rock
My father and my uncle have different lifestyles. My father is usually busy and fast pace. He goes to work early and gets home late. He often has meals at work or eat a take-out meal. He plays sports and exercise five times a week. Last he worked late until it passed midnight for his maser’s course assignment. My uncle has a quite different lifestyle from my father. He is easy-going and relaxed. He spends his free time watching TV, or surfing internet. He rarely goes to sport center. He enjoys pop music very much so he often wears earphones, even when he’s on the bus. He seems to have nothing to worry about. 
This is the public service announcement for the heart-to-heart charity. We are a non-profit organization that helps people in need. As the Tet holiday approaches, we’re asking you to think of those in our community who need help. Even today, we have unbelievable problems in our community. Many children and adults are hungry, cold and sick every day. Our goal here at the heart-to-heart charity is to help those people. To do this, we need your help. To help, you can do one of three easy things. First, you can donate food and clothes to our organization. Your food and clothing will go straight to someone who needs it. Second, you can donate money to our organization, we will only use your money to buy food, clothes and medicine for the needy. Or last, you can donate your time and work in the office. We always need new volunteers. Your donation of any kind will always be welcome. So please contact us at 15 street, we’re open from 8:30 AM to 10 PM everyday
Excuse me, I’m from the ABC discovery channel. May I ask you a few questions? 
Your name is?
Eric Brown
Yes, Mr. Brown. Why are you interested in this test flight in New York city? 
Well, I’m a businessman here in this city. You see, there are quite a lot of traffic jams during the rush hour. I guess owning a flying car like this might be a good idea. 
I see. What do you like about this car? 
It’s not, not too big, just a little bigger than a normal car, so when it’s a wheel car, it fits quite well in any garage. Second, it doesn’t use too much gas, just 5 gallons per hour in the air, and one gallon for 50 km on the ground
How about its speed?
It’s ok. It can reach 120 km per hour on the ground and nearly 200 in the air. 
Anything you don’t like about this, Mr. Brown? 
Yes, it needs a rollway, that’s the biggest problem. What happens if it gets stuck in traffic and cannot take off? 
Yeah. Thank you very much for spending time with us. 
Today there are some kinds of volunteers who work for disadvantaged children in Vietnam. They work in institutions like orphanages, disability centers, villages and shelters for street children. Many children are parentless or their families are unable to care for them. The role of volunteers is to provide love, education and life skills for these children. They can help with caring for children, teaching Vietnamese arts, craft, music, sports and life skills when possible. They are required to have specialized training in physiotherapy, nursing or other professions when working with children with mental and physical disabilities. 

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