Đề thi trạng nguyên nhỏ tuổi Tiếng anh Lớp 5 - Năm học 2010-2011 - Trường Tiểu học Văn Tiến

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Phòng GD & ĐT YÊN LạC bài thi trạng nguyên nhỏ tuổi
TRường th văn tiến Môn thi: Tiếng Anh – Lớp 5 (de so 1)
 ************* Năm học :2010-2011
 (Thời gian làm bài :20 phút)
Họ và tên:.SBD 
Điểm bài thi
 Ex1: Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounces differently from the others
1. There Near Hear Engineer
2. Red Leg Head Bean
3.Close open Mouse Nose
4.Yellow Egg Tea Bread
5.Zoo School Floor Cool
Ex 2: Select the best answer
1.What’s the weather likeHa Noi today?
A. in B. on C.at D. to
2. It..rainy in Vinh Phuc yesterday.
A. is B. was C. were D.are
3. The food is
A. good B. sunny C. windy D. cloudy
4. I ..born on September 20th 1996
A. is B. was C. were D. are
5.Turn left. It’s .your right.
A. on B. in C. at D. under
Ex 3: Matching
1.When do you begin the new school year?
2. What do you usually do in summer holiday?
3. When do you have Tet holidays?
4. Why don’t you like the Winter?
a.In Spring
b.Because it is usually cold, sometimes very cold
c. In Autumn
d. I usually go swimming or fishing
Ex 4: Find out the mistakes and correct
 1.What’s the matter to you?
 2.last weekend, I am at my friend’s birthday party
 3. She watchs TV everyday
 4. There is some books on the table
Ex1 :
2. bean 
3. mouse 
 4 . tea 
Ex 2:
1. A 
 2. B 
3. A 
 4. B 
Ex 3:
 1. C
 2. D
 4. B
 Ex 4:
 1. To - with
 2. am - was
 3. watchs - watches
 4. is - are

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