Đề thi IOE cấp tỉnh Tiếng anh Lớp 4 - Năm học 2013-2014

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ĐỀ IOE CẤP TỈNH 2013-2014
to buy / going/ some pictures / next year. / My brother
are your/ baby’s/ What/ eyes? /colour
He oftengets _____ late in the morning.
Don’t play football ____ the street, boys.
Don’t eat too __________ candies. ( much, many, lots of, a lot)
It’s always _________ in summer. ( cold, warm, hot, cool)
usually/ What/ do you/ do in / summer?
Let’s _________ to the zoo. ( going, go, to go, goes)
Mary and/ on Sundays. /don’t go / Linda/ to school
you/ give me/ the blue/ shoes?/ Can
What’s the w.. like in summer? -It’s hot.
Milk is good ___________ your health. ( to, with, for, at)
from?/ do/ come/ Where/ you
Mary/ a song/ now./ singing/ is
My sister bought me a to when she went shopping last Saturday.
Odd one out : desk chair bedroom ruler
_________ do you feel now? ( Where, How, Why, When )
in spring/ your mother/ often/ What does/ do
What/ is/ like in/ Hanoi today?/ the weather
Who does she go to the movie theater _________?
What d your brother do in the afternoon?
How often ___________ you play badminton?
Odd one out: English. From. On. In
does/ What/ father/ your/do?
on Sunday? / listen to / Does he/ often/ music
How are you? – I’m fine, __________
Mai likes flowers because _________ are beautiful.
She sometimes goes to school __________ foot.( by. to, on, in)
Look. The boys are talking _________ the football match.
__________ you very much for helping me with my homework.
They are __________ the beach this summer. ( going, going to, visiting, go)
_________ you want to ride a bike with me? ( Can, Do, Are,Am)
 with us/ want to/ go camping/ Do you/ the weekend?
at/ is / a nurse/ Miss Nga/ Viet Duc hospital.
Barbara is waiting ___________ her friends at the cinema.
Thank you very much ______ your letter.
He is a good teacher. He teaches very __________( bad. well, good, fast)
7 kilometers/ to school/ her home/ from/ It’s
There are/ of stars/ sky./ millions/ in the
Who is waiting __________ you?
_______ time does she have English class?
I don’t like cooking but I _________ singing.( likes, like, do, to like)
usually/ hot/ summer. /It’s / in
music/ listen to/ free time./ in his / John often
There are ___________ fingers in one hands.
Nam usually _________ badminton in the afternoon.( played, plays. playing, to play)
to/ the /way/ Can you/ show me/ the post office?
having/ before/ meals. /Wash/ your hands
Odd one out: your, me, us, him
friends/ class 4B. / These/ my new/ are
is / long/ How/ this/ river?
What kind of __________do you like? – I like cartoons.( books, films, pictures, stories)
You should ___________ your hands before meals. ( to wash, wash, washing, washes)
Can you/ tell me/ the way / hospital? / to the
children? / the matter/ my sister’s / with/ What’s
Hello. My name’s Katie. I’m ten __________ old.
How _______ is it? – It’s eighty thousands dong
___________ is it from your house to the barkery? ( How often, How far, How, How much)
in the/ garden. / frogs/ some/ are/ There
much/ bag?/ is / your red / How
Let’s buy a big present ____________ her birthday party.
__________ grade is Quan in? – He’s in grade 4.
now./ drawing / a nice / picture / She is
went to/ her family/ Maria and / two weeks ago. / Ha Long Bay
My little son’s classroom is _____ the second floor.
What’s her ___________? (old, name, there, age)
never/ fishing / goes/ on schooldays. / Long
new dress./ She/ looks/ very happy / in her
C.. your hands.
Odd one out: they, ten, we, you
I’m ___________. I want rice and chicken. ( hungry, fine, thirsty, good)
take / some/ aspirins. / should/ You
school? / the name/ What’s/ your/ of
_________does Nancy go to school every day? She walks to school.
Odd one out: school, cinema, place, circus
new/ are / hats./ Those / her
his work/ finishes / at 4.30 / often/ My father
This tree has a _______of green leaves.
She comes _________ Paris. She is French.
What’s the matter _______ your eyes? ( to, with, at, for)
How often / school?/ are you/ late/ for
is very / of/ afraid/ My son / dogs.
Are _________ any pets in Jannie’s house? – Yes, there is a dog and a cat.
What _______ does your family have breakfast? – At 7 o’clock.
________ do usually do after school? ( How, What, Where, When)\
to go/ It takes / 10 minutes / to school. me
 Let’s _______ to the shops.
How _________ times should we go to the dentist every year?
There are three ________ in the house. ( living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom)
Odd one out: large, kitchen, small, big)
by train this summer./ in Hue/ Miss Huong is/ going to/ visit her family
Mai’s / are traveling/ by bike. / friends/ to her house
 _________time do you go to bed?
Look _____ that man. He’s so handsome.
Listen! The girl __________ the piano. ( listens, is listening, are listening, to listen)
After class, Nam goes home and _______ videos. ( watch, watching, watches, to watch)
some / is reading/ news on / the Internet. / My father
very interesting. / so much / Jack / because it’s / likes English
Everyday, I get up early to ______ morning exercise.
Chr. Is a big festival on the twenty-fifth of December in many countries.
She is writing a letter ____ her friend. ( to, at, on, in)
Sundays ? / he play / on / Does / soccer
by bus. / They/ usually / go to/ school
Do you have any brothers ______ sisters?
Justin often ______ a bike in the morning.
your friends ? / you take morning exercise/ often do/ How / with
 in Hue. / my friends/ village / in a small/ lives
How ________ dogs do you have? ( many, live, bird, much)
Nguyen Du is a famous writer. He ______ born in Ha Nam. ( is , are, was, isn’t)
There are / in the sky / now. / birds / many
you? / to do / that for / Would yoy / like me
What _____ are yoy going to do your homework? –At about 3 p.m.
Odd one out : badminton, soccer, ball, volleyball
a lot of rivers / and mountains / in my/ There are / country.
 _________ your school clothes on Wednesday.
Jimmy was born in America. He is A
Would you like _____ to the movies tonight? ( go, going, to go , goes)
Peter and Colin ________ a picture now. ( are drawing, drawing, is drawing, to draw)
The bus l .. at nine o’clock.
What would you like _______ lunch?
My pet is a ________. ( bird, ship, robot, doll)
My parents often do morning ex before breakfast.
 ________ will be your next birthday? – Next Thursday.
I’m ___________ a letter to my friend at the moment. ( writing, writes, written, to write)
I am having a birthday party _____ my friends.
Are you going to visit Huong Pagoda _______? ( today, tomorrow, now , yesterday)
He _______ dinner at 7 o’clock.
Lena isn’t well today. She is staying at ________.
I usually ______ my homework after school.
 He can _________ English.
 I was very ha.
Do you know __________ she is doing at the moment?
Would you like some mineral ___________ to drink?
He can ________ with a yo-yo. ( play, catch, do, say)
It’s ________ in Ho Chi Minh City. ( pets, toys, rainy, chairs)
He is a guard. He works _____ night.
How many fingers ______ a person have?
Odd one out : cloud , sunny , rainy , windy
This is the way she b her teeth.
Odd one out : age , her, his, your
I’m very w, thanks.
Where’s John? ____ is reading a book in his room.
How ________ days a week does she goes to school?
What do they usually do ____ summer? 
Lan is a ____________ at Thong Nhat Primary School.
The girl is shorter ________ the boy.
They want to do some shopping so they go to the sup.
My father is a ___________. He works hard in the field. ( worker, farmer, doctor, teacher)
How is the weather _______Dien Bien today? ( at, in , on, to)
What food would you __________?
I’m not hungry ________ I’m thirsty.
Odd one out : October, July , May , Tom
My school is ______ Tokyo. ( in , at, on, next) 
My sister is _____ doctor at Bach Mai hospital.

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