Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 Sách Thí điểm - Unit 2: City Life - Năm học 2017-2018

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I. Find the words which has a different sound in the part underlined. (VBT- U1- P3)
1. A. attraction	B. artisan	C. frame	D. handicraft
2. A. drumhead	B. illustration	C. earplug	D. drugstore
3. A. strip	B. visual	C. artistic	D. remind
4. A. thread	B. treat	C. pleasure	D. deadline
5. A. embroider	B. preserve	C. benefit	D. effect
II. Circle the word marked A, B, C or D with a different strss pattern from the others. (VBT- U2 – P10)
1. A. urban	B. asset	C. metro	D. conduct
2. A. factor	B. medium	C. conflict	D. downtown
3. A. fabulous	B. reliable	C. variety	D. forbidden
4. A. negative	B. indicator	C. determine	D. skysraper
5. A. metropolitan	B. affordable	C. Oceania	D. multicultural
III. Match the verbs in column A with the word/ phrases in column B. (SHS – R1- P36)
1. reduce
a. a home business
2. pull down
b. high expectation
3. emphathise
c. a handicraft
4. make
d. worried and frustrated
5. set up
e. employment
6. feel
f. an old building
7. have
g. pollution
8. provide
h. with someone
IV. Complete each of the following sentences with a phrasal verb from the box. Change the form of the verbs if necesssary. (BTNC – U2 – P15).
apply for cheer up dress up find out get over 
go on pull down set up take off turn back
1. We’ve  a really good restaurant near the central station.
2. You don’t need to . to go to the mail – jeans and a T – shirt are fine.
3. Professor Colin Evers a job at a famous university in Sydney.
4. We really can’t. living like this – we’ll have to find a bigger house.
5. Mary was very unhappy last week, but she has .. now.
6. You need to .. your shoes before going inside the house.
7. They .. the old cinema to buil a new shopping mall.
8. A committee has been . to organise social events for the students.
9. It took me a few days to .. my flu
10. The mountain climbers had to  because they were exhausted.
V. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences. 
1. Osaka has become one of the  “liveable” city in Asia.
A. more	B. better	C. much	D. most
2. London is one of thelargest cities in the world but its population is a lot .. than Tokyo.
A. small	B. few	C.smaller	D. fewer
3. London is probably most famous for its museums, galleries, palaces and other sights, but it also includes a  range of peoples, cultures and religions than any other places.
A. greater	B. big	C. wide	D. wider
4. Ha Noi City now is . Than it was 10 years ago.
A. as large	B. more large	C. much larger	D. the largest
5. This river now is much lessthan before. People are aware of the environment and thay try to keep the river clean.
A. polluted	B. pollutes	C. polluting	D. pollution
6. When we were in Da Nang, we spent a lot of time  around and looking at the ancient temples, bridges and houses.
A. wander	B. wandering	C. wandered	D. wanders
7. On children Festival, the zoo is always . with people mainly children.
A. packed	B. had	C. contained	D. scored
8. You should take your shoes .. when you go into the temples.
A. up	B. in	C. off	D. on
9. When the doctor came in, he went .. all my test results and gave me a prescription.
A. out 	B. over	C. in	D. of
10. A close friendship has gradually grown  between them. They help each other in their daily life.
A. in	B. out	C. of	D. up
11. When I turned up, the town hall was already  of teenagers.
A. full	B. packedd	C. crowded	D. jammed
12. She turned . The new job in New York because she didn’t want to move.
A. on	B. down	C. off	D. up
13. This city has one of the most .. underground rail networks in the world.
A. efficient	B. fashionable	C. cosmopolitan	D. fascinated
14. This laptop is much more user – friendly, but it costss. the other one.
A. so much as	B. as many as	C. twice as much as	D. twice as many
15. Today’s cities are  than cities in previous times.
A. lost larger	B. much larger	C. as large	D. the largest
16. After I found all the information I needed, I . The computer.
A. turned off	B. switched on	C. looked for	D. put off
17. Japan is the  developed country in the world.
A. most second	B. second in most	C. second most	D. two most
18. Factories and offices should be built in .. areas only.
A. rural	B. coastal	C. cultural	D. urban
19. The streets are getting more and  these days.
A. crowded B. less crowded C. more crowded D. most crowded	 	
20. The larger the city is,  the crime rate is.
A. highest B. higher C. the highest D. the higher
21. Bill is 
A. lazier and lazier B. more and more lazy C. lazier and more lazy D. more lazy and lazier	
22. ..the time passes, .I feel ! The deadline of my thesis is coming, but I have just finished half of it.
A. The faster / the nervous 	B. The more fast / the nervous
C. The fast / the more nervous 	D. The faster / the more nervous	
23._______ you study for these exams, _______ you will do.
A. The harder / the better 	B. The more / the much
C. The hardest / the best 	D. The more hard / the more good
24. .apples are grown in Washington State.
A. Best	B. The most good	C. The best	 	D. The better
25. The test becomes.and
A. hard/ hard	B. difficult/ difficult 	C. harder/ harder 	D. difficulty/ difficult	 
26. His health is getting.and.
A. good/ good	B. better/ better 	C. bad/ bad	 D. well/ well	
27. The more paper we save,preserved.
A. more is wood pulp	B. the more wood pulp is 	C. wood pulp is 	D. the much wood pulp is
VI. Complete the following sentences, using double comparative.
1. It becomes  to find a job. ( hard )
2. That hole in your pullover is getting  ( big )
3. As I waited for my interview, I became .
 ( nervous )
4. As the day went on, the weather got ... ( bad )
5. As the conversation went on, he became .. ( talkative )
VII. Give the suitable comparion to complete each sentence.
1. The weather today is . than it was yesterday. ( hot )
2. The  city in Canada is Toronto. ( large )
3. This story is  than that one. ( funny )
4. I’m taking four classes. My history class is the  of all. ( interesting )
5. The Pacific is  than the Mediterranean Sea. ( deep )
6. You can write  I can ( well )
7. My father drives . I do. ( carefully )
8. Indonesia is .. Japan in population. ( large )
9. Mt. Everest is .. mountain in the world. ( high )
10. I think good health is .. thing in the life. ( important )
VIII. Rewrite the following sentences, using different kinds of comparison.
1. Bob is younger than Sally.
	® Sally is .
2. This book is less expensive than that one.
	® That book 	
3. This room is smaller than that room.
	® That room is ..
5. American coffee is weaker than Spanish coffee.
	® Spanish coffee 
6. Money is less important than health.
	® Health is 	
8. Tom’s pronunciation is worse than Sue’s.
	® Sue’s pronunciation is .	
9. This exercise is more difficult than the last one.
	® The last exercise is 
10. I didn’t spend as much money as you.
	® You ..Key
1. C 	2. B	3. D	4. B	5. D
1. D	2. D	3.A	4.C	5. B
 III. Match
g	( giảm ô nhiễm)
2 . f	(kéo sập tòa nhà)	
3. h	(thông cảm với ai)
4. c	(làm đồ thủ công)
5. a	(xây dwnhj công việc kinh doanh gia đình)
6. d	( cảm thấy lo lắng và thất vọng)
7. b	( có những kỳ vọng cao)
 8. e 	( cung cấp công ăn việc làm)
found out	2. Dress up	3. Applied for	4. Go on	5. Cheered up
6. take off	7. Pulled down	8. Set up	9. Get over	10. Turn back
	1. D	2.C	3.D	4.C	5.A	6.B	7.A	8.C	9.B	10.D 11.A	12.B	13.A	14.C
	15. B	16.A	17. C	18. D	19.C	20. D	21A	22.D 	23.A	24. C	25. C	26.B	27.D 

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