Đề kiểm tra giữa học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 (Thí điểm)

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Class: 6A
Subject: ENGLISH 6 (Pilot program)
Time allowed: 45 minutes

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounce differently from the other three in each question.
1. A. stops	B. climbs	C. likes	D. coughs
2. A. hobby	B. rubber	C. thumb	D. club
3. A. prepare	B. appearance	C. cupboard	D. pop
Choose the word of phrase that best completes each sentence below.
4. Nam is such a/an ______ student. He joins many clubs in my school.
A. activity	B. active	C. activities	D. actively
5. My friends always do their homework. They’re
A. lazy 	B. curious 	C. hardworking	D. talkative
6. “What would you like to drink now?”-“ ” 
A. No, thank you 	B. Yes, please	C. I like to do nothing 	D. Orange juice, please
7. They are  because they do morning exercise every day.
A. fine	 	B. well	C. healthy	D. healthful
8. Hung oftenhis bike to visit his hometown. 
A. drives 	B. flies 	C. rides 	D. goes
9. “What are you doing this afternoon?” –“I don’t know, but I’d like to..swimming.” 
A. have 	B. do 	C. play 	D. go
10. Where is the cat? It’s ..the table and the bookshelf.
	A. on	B. behind	C. between	D. under
11. It’s cold now. The studentswarm clothes. 
A. wear 	B. wears 	C. wearing 	D. are wearing
Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following sentences.
12. Personality is more important than appearance.
A. Characteristic	B. Appearance	C. zodiac	D. date of birth
13. I can trust my best friend in everything.
A. rely on	B. talk to	C. listen to	D. smile at
Choose the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following sentences.
14. Nam is very independent. He lived by himself when he was 15 years old.
A. free	B. reliable	C. dependable	D. dependent
15. Ha Anh always gets up early, so she is usually early for school.
A. late	B. hard	C. on time	D. at work
Choose the underlined part that needs correcting in each sentence below.
16. Hien is a beautiful girl with a long black hair and a straight nose.
A. a	B. a	C. black hair	D. straight nose	
17. I call you when I arrive in London tomorrow.
A. call	B. when	C. arrive	D. tomorrow	
18. Tung is very handsome, and he is having big brown eyes.
A. is	B. and	C. is having	D. big brown eyes	
19. she is so patience that we always want to talk to her.
A. so	B. patience	C. want	D. talk to	
20. We will go to the countryside to visit our grandparents once a month.
A. will go	B. to	C. our	D. once
Give the right form of the verbs in brackets: (1m)
21. Where’s Tuan? He (do).judo in Room 2A.
22. Mai (take). a test next Monday.
23. I usually (skip).ropes with my classmates at break time.
24. They (not go)..to school on Sundays. 
Fill in each blank with one suitable from the box to complete the passage: 
tidying - untidy – bag – on - are – near

Trung’s bedroom is big but messy. There (25)..clothes on the floor. There is a big desk (26)the window and there are dirty bowls and chopsticks (27) ..it. He usually puts his school (28) under the desk. His bed is next to the desk and it is also (29). There is a cap, some CDs and some books on the bed. Trung’s mum is not happy with this, and now Trung is (30) up his room.
Read the text and write True (T) or False (F): 
Hi. I am Lan. I would like to tell you about my new school. It is in a quiet place not far from the city center. It has three buildings and a large yard. This year there are 26 classes with more than 1.000 students in my school. Most students are hard-working and serious. The school has about 40 teachers. They are all helpful and friendly. My school has different clubs: Dance, English, Arts, Football and Basketball. I like English, so I joined the English club. I love my school because it is a good school.
31. Lan’s new school is in a noisy place near the city center.

32. Lan’s school has three buildings and twenty classes.

33. The teachers are helpful and friendly

34. There are five clubs in Lan’s new school.

35. Lan doesn’t like English.

36. Lan loves her school because it’s good.

Complete the sentences using the words and the given pictures:
37. The vase is..the  and the dog. 
38. I am doing Maths exercises with my ..and .

 Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence: 
39. can/ turn on/ the/ please/ lights/ you/ ?
40. you/ would/ have/ a picnic/ to/ like/ next Sunday/ ?
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