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Exercise 1. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.
1. _____ he always did well on his English tests, his parents were not surprised that he got a B level.
	A. When 	B. Since 	C. Because of	D. Although
2. He doesn't understand __________ he doesn't speak French very well.
	A. whenever 	B. so that 	C. because 	D. before
3. She is looking for a new job__________ she is tired of doing a routine job day after day.
 	A. since 	B. as 	C. because	D. all are correct
4. I haven't seen Tom__________ he gave me this book.
	A. since	B. for	C. until	D. before
5. __________ he has a headache, he has to take an aspirin.
	A. How	B. Because	C. Where	D. Although
6. Our visit to Japan was delayed__________ my wife's illness.
	A. because	B. because of	C. thanks to	D. though
7. The flight had to be delayed__________ the bad weather.
	A. because	B. due to	C. because of	 	D. B and C are correct
8. I couldn't unlock it__________ I had the wrong key.
	A. because	B. so that	C. since	D. so
9. He hasn't written to us__________ he left.
	A. as long as	B. since	C. by the time	D. as soon as
10. I made a mistake__________ I was tired.
	A. though 	B. so that 	C. because 	D. if
11. You need good shoes to go hiking in the mountains_______ the ground is rough and hard.
	A. because 	B. so that 	C. before 	D. even though
12. __________ he is tired, he can't work longer.
	A. Because	B. Even though	C. Although	D. Besides
13. __________ he wasn't ready in time, we went without him.
	A. When	B. Moreover	C. As	D. So
14. Is that all__________ would you like something else?
	A. Because	B. Since	C. As	D. All are correct
15. You will have to pay higher insurance__________ you buy a sports car.
	A. if 	B. although 	C. so that 	D. before
16. I haven’t been climbing__________ I broke my leg last summer.
	A. although 	B. since 	C. so that 	D. before
17. He went to bed __________he was sleepy.
	A. because 	B. so that 	C. because of 	D. although
18. ___________ the storm warnings, we didn’t go out last night.
	A. Because	B. Because of 	C. Although	D. In spite of
19. You may get malaria__________ you are bitten by a mosquito.
 A. if 	B. so that 	C. though 	D. before
20. It was difficult to deliver the letter_______ the sender had written the wrong address on the envelope. A. because	B. despite	C. though	D. because of
Exercise 2. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.
1. Mary came to class late. Her motorbike had a puncture. 
→ Because__________________________________.
2. Due to the cold weather, we stayed home.
→ Because__________________________________.
3. People like to live in this country because of its healthy climate.
→ Because__________________________________.
4. A computer can be used for various purposes, so it becomes very popular nowadays.
→ Because__________________________________.
5. Stacey retired in 1987, partly because of ill health.
→ Because__________________________________.
6. We were late for the meeting due to the heavy traffic.
→ Because__________________________________.
7. Harry had to stay in hospital because of his broken leg.
→ Because__________________________________.
8. Our leader couldn’t attend the meeting, so it was canceled.
→ Because__________________________________.
9. The young couple decided not to buy the house because of its dilapidated condition.
→ Because__________________________________.
10. I always enjoyed mathematics in high school, so I decided to major in it in college.
→ Because__________________________________.
11. Jim had to give up jogging because he had sprained his ankle severely.
→ Because of________________________________.
12. The water in most rivers is unsafe to drink because it’s polluted.
→ Because of________________________________.
13. We had to stay in London an extra day because it was foggy at the airport.
→ Because of________________________________.
14. Bill has to do all of the cooking and cleaning because his wife is ill.
→ Because of________________________________.
15. We all have received the best of everything because our parents are generous.
→ Because of________________________________.
16. I couldn’t get to sleep last night because it was noisy in the next apartment.
→ Because of________________________________.
17. John has to sit in the front row in class because he has poor eyesight.
→ Because of________________________________.
18. We stopped our car because the traffic lights turned red.
→ Because of________________________________.
19. She couldn’t see the road because the wall was too high.
→ Because of________________________________.
20. We postponed our trip because the driving conditions were bad.
→ Because of________________________________.
Exercise 3. Complete the sentences with because/ because of/ although/ in spite of.
1. We delayed our trip_______ the bad weather.
2. Sue’s eyes were red_______ she had been crying.
3. My mother is always complaining________ the untidiness of my room.
4. The water in most rivers is unsafe to drink_______ it’s polluted.
5. The trees were bent over________ the wind.
6. You can’t enter this secure areas________ you don’t have an official permit.
7. It’s unsafe to travel in that country _______ the ongoing civil war.
8. Several people in the crowd became ill and fainted_______ the extreme heat.
9. Mark didn’t go to work yesterday________ he didn’t feel well
10. We couldn’t get into the disco________ the enormous crowd.
11. _______ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
12. Daniel forgot his passport________ having it in his list.
13. I couldn’t get to sleep_______ the noise.
14. _______ I had nothing for lunch but an apple, I ate dinner early.
15. A lot of things went wrong________ all our careful plans.
16. She wasn’t wearing a coat________ it was quite cold.
17. He only accepted the job________ the salary, which was very high.
18. I went home early________ I was feeling unwell.
19. ________ I knew the truth, I decided not to tell them.
20. The villagers refused to leave________ the drought.

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