Chủ điểm ngữ pháp Tiếng anh Lớp 4 - Hoàng Văn Hải

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Class 4:
1.Where are you from? I’m from England
2.I’m Vietnamese
3.What’s his full name?
4.When’s your birthday? It’s in May/ It’s on May 1st
5.What’s the date today?- It’s the fifth of October
6.What can you do?- I can dance
7.Can you play badminton?
8.I like dancing- What’s your hobby?
9.Where is Trang An school?- It’s in Nguyen Du street.
10.What class/grade are you in?- I’m in 4C
11.What lessons have you got today? I’ve got
12.What is your favorite subject?
13.What day is it today? – It’s Monday
14.How often have you got English? – Four times a week
15.How many books are there in your schoolbag?
16.What does he/she look like?- He’s/She’s tall and thin
17.Who is taller? – Tom is taller
18.What time is it?
19.What time do you get up?
20.What’s his/her job?- He’s a a doctor
21.Where does he work?
22.What’s your favorite food?
23.Would you like some rice? – Yes, please./ No, thanks.
24.What’s she like?- she’s kind
25.What are you going to do?- I’m going to join the School Lantern Parade
26.What animal is that?- It’s a bear.
27.Let’s go to the bookshop
28.Why do you want to go to the bookshop? Because I want some books
29.What’s he wearing?- He’s wearing a T-shirt and jeans
30.What is she going to do?- She’s going to buy some fruit
31.Which do you prefer, football or badminton?- I prefer football
32.Where did you go?- I went to HaLong Bay
33.When did you come back from Ha Long Bay?- I came back yesterday.

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