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I. Choose the word that has the underlined letter (s) pronounced differently from the rest.
1. a. seat	b. meat	c. head	d. heat
2. a. multiply	b. subtract	c. instruction	d. country
3. a. soup	b. route 	c. group	d. could
4. a. tooth	b. foot	c. school	d. food	
5. a. put	b. pull	c. burn	d. push
6. a. good	b. cool	c. look	d. wool
II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.
1. a. technology	b. computer	c. newspaper	d. miraculous
a. scenic	b. magical	c. capable	d. mysterious
a. interact	b. inanage	c. calculate	d. multiply
a. entertainment	b. communicator 	c. interaction	d. electronic
a. secretary	b. accuracy	c. appropriate	d. ambulance
III. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
1. In large classes; children feel that they cannot ...................with the teacher.
	a. contact	b. interact	c. transmit	d. relax
2. computer is a ......................... typewriter.
	a. convenient	 b. magical	c. appropriate	d. informative
The port is capable................ handing 10 million tons of coal a year.
	a. in	b. on	c. of	d. for
We were really impressed by the scenic splendors of the Rocky Mountains.
	a. in a strange or mysterious way	b. having beautiful natural scenery
	c. very impressive and good	d. new and interesting
New telephone lines allow faster data....................... by fax or modern.
	a. calculation	b. transmission	c. entertainment 	d. development
This door should only be used in an emergency. 
	a. a serious problem	b. an annoying situation c. a serious situation	d. a happy event
What makes computer a miraculous device?
	a. strange	b. powerful	c. magical	d. excellent
The encyclopedia is now available on .................	
	a. computer screen 	b. CD-ROM	c. keyboard	d printer
Please .............. your phone card in the slot before pressing the number you require.
	a. insert	b. operate	c. plug	d. adjust
.............. is used for making exact copies of documents.
	a. Computer	b. Printer	c. Photocopier 	d. Camcorder
IV. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentence.
I. The street is very noisy, ..................... makes sleeping difficult.
	a. that	b. what	c. which	d. it
2. A number of political prisoners................since Independent Day.
	a. released	b. have released	c. was released	d. have been released
Fax machine...................send or receive letter quickly.
	a. is used for	b. used to	c. is used to	d. used for
Internet cafes allow you ........................your web-based e-mail account.
	a. to access	b. accessing	c. access	d. be accessed
The program must be new. I....................it before.
	a. have never been seen b. have ever seen	c. have never seen	d. have seen
The children saw the actual spacecraft...............landed on the moon.
	a. who	b. that	c. it	d. 0	
Marie, ................. I met at the party, called me last night.
	a. that	b. who	c. which	d. whose
When 1 arrived the theater, the play .................... . I missed the first part.
	a. had started	b. started	c. was starting 	d. has started
I...................... able to play tennis since I ....................my arm.
	a. wasn't/ broke	b. haven't been/ had broken c. wasn't/ had broken d. haven't been/ broke
I have to get my picture _____for my Website.
	a. take	b. taken	c. taking	d. took
______your house painted last year?
	a. Had	b. Did	c. Was	d. Have.
12. The police___for two men who__getting into a black car »ear the bank at about I o'clock last night.
	a. are looking/ saw	b. are looking/ were seen c. have looked/ saw	d. had looked/ were seen
Professor Kidd..................three books since 1999, and she's working on fourth.
	a. has been writing b. wrote	c. has written	d. writes
How often..................your car serviced since you bought it?
	a. do you get	b. did you get	c. had you gotten 	d. have you gotten
15. She's the woman ................sister baby-sits for us.
	a. who	b. which	c. that's	d. whose
V. Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, C or D - that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.
1. The house painted more than three years ago. but I'm not going to have it
 	A	B	C
done again for a while.
2. The stories what I've told you are all true.
	A 	B	C	D
3. I decided to change jobs because my boss makes me working overtime. 
	A	B	C	D
4. Could you tell me what the air conditioner use for?
	A	B	C 	D
5. Then the computer will ask you restart it.
	A	B	C	D
6. Before you leave, please duplicate that tile by make a copy on the CD-ROM.
	A	B	C	D 
7. The last payment shouldn't make until all the work has been completed and carefully checked.	
	A	B	C	 D
8. You'll see a copy before they're printed by the printer.
	A	B	C	D 
9. We've been here only one day, but we've been taken three rolls of film.
	A 	B	C	D
10. If the software is not compatible with the operating system, the computer
	may fail o function and shut without warning.
	B	C	D
VI. Choose the correct option a, b, c or d to complete this passage.
The electronic computer is the most (1).......... 	invention since steam engine. While the industrial revolution (2) ..........changed the nature of (3) .......... work, the computer revolution is now changing the work (4) .......... by the brain. Nowadays micro-computers are (5) .......... in hundreds of thousands and are constantly (6)	.......... equipped with more and more ingenious (7) .......... Contrary to popular belief, computers (8) .......... cannot make mistakes. The answer will always be correct (9) .......... the programmed fed (10) .......... the computer is correct.
1. a. powerful	b. significant	c. strange	d. mysterious
2. a. previously	b. lately	c. frequently	d. continuously
3. a. hard	b. brain	c. manual	d. intellectual
4. a. doing	b. does	c. did	d. done
5. a. manufactured 	b. done	c. worked	d. performed
6. a. be	b. being	c. been	d. to be
7. a. machines	b. computers	c. programs	d. devices
8. a. which	b. that	c. itself	d. themselves
9. a. if	b. unless	c. whether	d. while
10. a. up	b. on	c. into	d. off
VII. Read the passage, then choose the one best answer –a, b, c or d.
In the last 100 years. technology has completely changed the way we live. At the touch of a button, we can look up almost anything we need to know on the Internet. We have electricity, aero planes. television, and we have ever been to the moon. So what sort of inventions will there be in the 21st century? Indeed. is there anything important still left to invent?
It seems that there is. Scientists all over the world are looking into Nan technology with a great deal of interest. This is the science of building small machines - and when we say small, we mean very small. To give you an idea of the size scientists are talking about, these machines would be about a million billion times smaller than the smallest bit of dust.
Nan technology will bring about enormous changes. Doctors, for example, will he able to cure any illness. The environment will be improved because it will be possible to take the polluted air we breathe and make it clean again. But perhaps the most exciting thought of all is that we won't have to wait a thousand years for Nan technology - many people believe there is a good chance it will come in our lifetime.
1. This passage is mainly about ____________
	a. inventions	b. Nan technology	c. technological changes	d. small machines
2. According to the passage, _____________	
a. our lives have been changed by technology b. we can use the Internet to get information
c. we have been able to travel to the moon d. All are correct
3. Nan technology is_____________
a. the skill of building very small machines	b. the science of building computers
c. the new computer technology	d. the recent advance in medical technology
4. Which change will Nan technology not bring about?
	a. Fatal diseases will be cured.	b. The air will be cleaner.
	c. The pollution will be reduced.	d. The environment will be protected. 
5. Which of the following is not true?
 a. Scientists have a lot of interest in Nan technology .
 	b. The size of the machines will be much smaller than the smallest bit of dust.
 c. Nan technology will bring about some changes in the medical field.
 	d. Many people believe that they have to wait a thousand years for Nan technology.
VIII. Choose the correct sentence (a, b, c, or d) made from the suggested words. 
1. Global communication be/ transform/ the invention/ Internet
 	a. Global communication was transformed the invention of the Internet.
	b. The invention of the Internet was transformed the global communication.
 	c. Global communication .was transformed by the invention of the Internet.
	d. Global communication was transformed invention of Internet. ?:
 2. What/ use/ fax machine/ for
a. What are you used fax machine for?	b. For what fax machine is used?
 c. What is the use for fax machine?	d. What is fax machine used for?
3. Inventions/ like/ electric light bulb/ change/ way/ people/ live
	a. Inventions like the electric light bulb changed the way people lived.
	b. The inventions like the electric light bulb has changed the way that people lived.
 	c. The way people lived has been changed by inventions like electric light bulb.
	d. The invention§ like the electric light bulb changed way people .had lived.
4. I/ give away/ my computer/ be/ three years old
	a. 1 gave away my computer which was only three years old. 
	b. I gave away my computer, which was only three years old.
	c. My computer which I gave away was only three years old.
	d. My computer, that I gave away; was only three years old.
5. new school/ open/ recently/ New Road
	a. A new school recently opened in New Road.
	b. A new school has been recently opened in New Road.
	c. A new school has recently opened in New Road.
	d. A new school opened recently in New Road.

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