Tổng hợp 100 Câu giao tiếp thường gặp trong đề thi THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh (Có đáp án)

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Tổng hợp 100 câu giao tiếp thường gặp trong đề thi THPT quốc gia	
Question 1: “Let‟s chat on line”. – “.”
A. Not at all
B. thank you
C. good luck
D. good idea
Question 2:. Hello, may I speak to Mr. Black, please? ..
A. I think so
B. Hold on, please
C. Goodbye
D. I‟d like to
Question 3: “I‟m terribly step on your foot”. “.”
A. Don‟t say that
B. Never mind
C. You‟re welcome
D. That‟s right
Question 4: “I‟d like to take two weeks‟ holiday”. “. We have too much work to do.”
A. Don‟t worry
B. Pardon me
C. Forget it
D. Don‟t mention it
Question 5: “Look! This sweater is beautiful.” “ .?”
A. Why not trying it on
B. Why not try on it
C. Why not try it on
D. Why not trying on it
Question 6: “Shall we have a drink when you finish your talk?” “..”
A. No, you can‟t
B. All right
C. You‟re welcome
D. You needn‟t do that
Question 7: “Bob, it‟s getting cold._________ take a jacket with you?” “All right, daddy”
A. Why not
B. What about
C. would you like
D. You‟d better
Question 7: “May I borrow your ruler” “certainly.,.”
A. Hold on, please
B. It doesn‟t matter
C. Here you are
D. Not at all
Question 9: “Congratulations to you on passing the math exam.” “..”
A. You‟re welcome
B. Never mind
C. Don‟t mention it
D. Thanks a lot
Question 10:“Could you get to the park before 3 o‟clock?” “ I‟m still at the meeting then”
A. I think so
B. Yes, I could
C. I’m afraid not
D. I‟m afraid so
Question 11: “.” “Thanks, I will”
A. Wish you a happy journey.
B. Give my best wishes to your parents
C. Thank you for your help.
D. You got the first prize. Congratulation!
Question 12: “What is your father?” “He is .”
A. tall
B. in his office
C. an engineer
D. going swimming
Question 13: “Good morning, I‟m Jack Brown, your new teacher.”
“Good morning, .”
A. Mr. Jack
B. Mr. Brown
C. Teacher Jack
D. Teacher Brown
Question 14: “I lost my wallet on my way to school this morning.”
“! You must be careful next time.”
A. Take care
B. Excuse me
C. What a pity
D. You‟re welcome
Question 15: “Is Mary hungry?” “.. If so, she‟ll tell us.”
A. I beg your pardon?
B. Yes, of course
C. I don’t think so
D. Let‟s go and have a look.
Question 16: “Excuse me; can I book a ticket for Paris?” “..”
A. Hurry up
B. Thank you
C. Never mind
D. Certainly
Question 17: “I passed the driving test yesterday.” “..!”
A. With pleasure
B. Congratulations
C. Have a good time
D. You‟re welcome
Question 18: “?” “Sorry, he has gone to Japan. But he will be back in two days.”
A. Who is Jack
B. May I speak to Jack
C. How is Jack today
D. What‟s wrong with Jack
Question 19: “ I haven‟t seen Jack for three days. Is he ill?”
“ .. His mother told me that he was in hospital.”
A. I’m afraid so
B. I hope not
C. I don‟t expect
D. I am afraid not
Question 20: “.?” “He is tall and thin”
A. What is Jack like
B. How is Jack
C. Is Jack short
D. What‟s Jack
Question 21: “What can I do for you, Madam?” “ ..”
A. Thank you
B. all right
C. Some apples
D. It‟s nice of you
Question 22: When you go to your friends at night, you greet. “!”
A. Good morning
B. Good noon
C. Good evening
D. Good night
Question 23: “My mother is ill in hospital.” “..”
A. I don‟t think so
B. Oh, she is unlucky
C. No problem
D. I’m sorry to hear that
Question 24: “Shall we go boating tomorrow?”
“ . The weather report says a storm is coming”.
A. I’m afraid we can’t
B. Sure
C. That‟s a good idea
D. That‟s a deal
Question 25: “Excuse me, which is the way to the post office?” “Sorry, I‟m new here.” “.”
A. Not at all
B. Bad luck
C. That‟s true
D. Thank you all the same
Question 26: “What is Johnson‟s family like?” “.”
A. His family is just like me
B. They all like sports and games
C. Oh, it‟s really a big one
D. They are all warm-
hearted and helpful
Question 27: “Can I speak to Mr. Johnson, please?” “”
A. I‟m Mr. John
B. Hold on please
C. No, you can‟t
D. Yes, you can.
Question 28: “How much meat do you want?” “..”
A. Sorry, there isn‟t any
B. I can‟t give you any
C. Half a kilo please
D. Twelve Yuan, a kilo
Question 29: “Do you mind me smoking here?” “ look at the sign. It says, „no smoking‟”
A. It doesn‟t matter
B. No, I don‟t
C. You’d better not
D. Never mind
Question 30: “Would you like some more chicken?” “.I‟m full.”
A. Yes, please
B. No, thanks
C. Yes, I would
D. No, I wouldn‟t
Question 31: “Sam, I passed the exam.” “ Did you? ..”
A. Congratulations
B. Good idea
C. Best wishes
D. With pleasure
Question 32: “I‟m sorry; I‟ve broken your glasses.” “”
A. It‟s OK
B. Don‟t be sorry
C. You are welcome
D. That’s nothing
Question 33: “Can I get some chalk for you, Mr. Smith? “”
A. Not at all
B. With pleasure
C. No problem
D. That’s very nice of you
Question 34: “My wife is ill and I can‟t go to work today.” “.”
A. You should look after her
B. I’m sorry to hear that
C. It‟s doesn‟t matter
D. It‟s nothing serious
Question 35: “I‟ll go fishing this weekenD.” “..”
A. Can‟t you fish?
B. That‟s very kind of you
C. what about more fish?
D. Have a good time
Question 36: “Hi, Bob. How‟s your family?” “..”
A. Fine, thank you
B. It‟s a big one
C. Not at all
D. They‟re having breakfast
Question 37: “Did anybody go out?” “ I didn‟t see any body go out.”
A. I can‟t say
B. I guess so
C. I hope not
D. I don’t think so
Question 38: “Can you stay here longer?” “. , but I have to be back tomorrow.”
A. No problem
B. I‟m afraid not
C. I’d love to
D. No, thank you
Question 39: “Excuse me, where is the post office?” “..”
A. Come this way, please B. let me see
C. that‟s all right
D.With pleasure
Question 40: “Your dress is just wonderful.” “ .”
A. You are right, thank you
B. thank you, and you?
C. No, no yours is better
D. Thank you, I’m glad to hear that
Question 41: “ Don‟t pick flower in the school garden next time, Lili” “”
A. I have no idea
B. Sorry, I won’t
C. Is that so?
D. Don‟t worry
Question 42: “Hi, Bill! Congratulations!” “..”
A. All right
B. You are right
C. That‟s good
D. Thank you
Question 43: “Don‟t forget to give my best wishes to your mother.” “.”
A. No, I won’t
B. OK, I will
C. Yes, I won‟t
D. Yes, I do.
Question 44: “I‟m going a trip to Long Hai after the exam.” “ Really?...........”
A. Have a nice time
B. Congratulations
D. It‟s nice of you
Question 45: “Can I get you something to drink?” “I‟m thirsty.”
A. Yes, please
B. No, thank you
C. You‟re welcome
D. Here you are
Question 46: “Five plus four is ten.” “..”
A. Don‟t forget
B. That‟s right
C. Well done
D. Sorry, it’s wrong
Question 47: “Could you look after my baby while I‟m away?” “..”
A. With pleasure
B. It‟s doesn‟t matter
C. That‟s all right
D. Thank you
Question 48: “Waiter!” “..” “I can‟t eat this, it‟s too sweet.”
A. OK!
B. All right
C. Yes?
D. Pardon
Question 49: “Excuse me, would you please tell me.?”
“Certainly. Go straight along here; it‟s next to a hospital.”
A. How we can get to the post office
B. How can we get to the post office?
C. How get to the post office
D. How could we get to the post office?
Question 50: “. The traffic is moving fast!” “Thanks, I will”
A. Stop
B. Look out
C. Watch
D. Don‟t move
Question 51: “Would you like to go hiking with us?” “”
A. No, I don‟t like
B. I hate to go hiking
C. I’d love to, but I don’t feel well today
D. yes, I‟d like
Question 52: “I‟ve got an offer in New York.” - “Oh,  but I‟m going to miss you.”
A. That‟s too bad
B. I‟m sorry
C. I beg your pardon
D. That’s great
Question 53: “Your dress is very beautiful, Mary” “..”
A. Not at all
B. Just so-so
C. No, it‟s isn‟t
D. Thank you
Question 54: “Good luck and have a nice weekenD.” “.. bye-bye”
A. The same to you
B. You have it too
C. You are too
D. The same as you
Question 55: “Happy Teacher‟s Day. Miss Lan!” “..”
A. You are so kind
B. I‟m so happy
C. Thank you
D. It‟s very good
Question 56: “I won the high jump yesterday.” “.”
A. It‟s a small thing
B. That‟s all
C. I hope so
D. Congratulations to you!
Question 57: “ Could you come, please? I want some help.” “”
A. Yes, I could
B. You‟re welcome
C. Sure, I’m coming now
D. That‟s right
Question 58: When you stand outside the house and hear someone asking “Who is it?”, you say:
A. It’s me
B. That‟s me
C. This is me
D. Of course, I‟m here
Question 59: Your friend told you his mother was ill, you say:
A. I’m sorry to hear that
B. It doesn‟t matter
C. Let‟s take her to hospital
D. I hope it‟s nothing serious.
Question 60: Your teacher is reading a book. You want to ask her a question. You say:
A. By the way, may I ask a question?
B. I‟m sorry, I ask a question
C. Excuse me. May I ask you a question?
D. Hi, I‟ll ask you a question.
Question 61: When someone says “I‟m sorry” to you, you say:
A. No problem
B. Don‟t be sorry again
C. You‟re welcome
D. It doesn’t matter
Question 62: The telephone rings but it is someone who has a wrong number, you put the phone down after saying:
I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong number.
This is the wrong number speaking
Why don‟t you try again?
Wrong number, please.
Question 63: Your friend says to you, “my radio won‟t work. What shall I do?” You reply:
A. Take it back to the shop.
B. Please have it repaired
C. I can‟t do that
D. I‟m afraid not.
Question 64: “How is John‟s homework done?” “.”
A. Quite well
B. Good
C. Well, let‟s wait for a while
D. Do it yourself
Question 65: “Have a cup of tea.” “”
A. I don‟t want to
B. No, go away
C. I don‟t have it
D. No, thank you
Question 66: “?.” “ yes, a bit cold, though.”
A. Cold weather, isn‟t it?
B. Bad weather, don‟t you think
C. Freezing, isn‟t it
D. Nice day, isn’t it
Question 67: “ Will you come to our party tonight?” “., but I‟ll have an important meeting.”
A. I like it
B. I will come
C. I‟d like coming
D. I’d love to
Question 68: “Do you think they will fail in the examination?” “ No, ..”
A. I hope not so
B. I don’t think so
C. I don‟t hope
D. I think not
Question 69: “Isn‟t your uncle a doctor?” “”
A. No, he is
B. Yes, he isn‟t
C. No, he isn’t
D. Yes, he does
Question 70: “ Would you mind if I use your dictionary?” “ Of course not, .”
A. Don‟t do that
B. I‟m sorry I can‟t
C. It’s over there
D. I have a dictionary
Question 71: “ Please remember me to your parents.” “.”
A. No, thanks
B. That‟s all right
C. Never mind
D. Sure
Question 72: “ How are things going with you?” “”
A. Quite well, thank you
B. Don‟t ask me the problem.
C. Good, and you?
D. Please to tell you
Question 73: “.?” “ a little”
A. Shall we speak German
B. Do you speak German
C. Would you mind speaking German
D. What language do you speak
Question 74: “Will you be able to come to the party?” “..”
A. I believe yes
B. I’m afraid not
C. I don‟t hope so
D. I hope that
Question 75: “ It‟s kind of you to give me a ride to the station?” “ .”
A. Not at all. It was a pleasure
B. never mind
C. It doesn‟t matter
D. Don‟t mention it
Question 76: “ did you have a good trip?” “ ..”
A. Thank you, good
B. I like that very much
C. Yes, thanks. It’s was fine
D. Oh, it is so good
Question 77: “ Will you speak a little more softly?” “”
A. Yes, I’ll do that
B. Certainly, I can
C. I‟m sorry for that
D. Thank you
Question 78: “ How do you like the film?” “..”
A. It began at four
B. yes, I‟ll see it again
C. There is a clever boy in it.
D. It’s very interesting
Question 79: “ John, could you do something for me, please?”
“ What would you like me to do?”
A. Excuse me
B. Sorry
C. Certainly
D. Don‟t worry
Question 80:“ ..” “ Yes, how much is this shirt?”
A. How do you do?
B. May I help you?
C. Here you are
D. Is this shirt yours?
Question 81: “ Would you go there with me?” “.”
A. Sorry, I would
B. Certainly, I would be glad to
C. Of course, I shall not go with you
D. Excuse me, I would not
Question 82:“I‟m sorry I‟m late” “..”
A. That’s all right
B. All right
C. Don‟t mind it
D. You are welcome
Question 83: “Mr. Smith, I‟d like you to meet Mr. Matt, my friend.” “.”
A. Hello, how are you
B. Hello, how are you going
C. Hi, how are you getting on
D. How do you do? Nice to meet you.
Question 84: “I‟m afraid I must be off now.” “”
A. Never mind
B. See you
C. No problem
D. Step slowly
Question 85: “Is it easier to watch TV now?” “.”
A. Yes, I think so
B. Yes, very
C. No, I think so
D. No, not very
Question 86: “Many thanks to you, Kate” “..”
A. Don‟t say so
B. It doesn‟t matter
C. No thanks
D. It’s a pleasure
Question 87: “.” “ it‟s doesn‟t matter.”
A. Sorry, I’m late.
B. What a pity!
C. It‟s very nice.
D. Can I help you?
Question 88: “May I take a seat here?” “..”
A. I‟m not sure
B. Yes, do please
C. That‟s a good idea
D. I‟m glad you do.
Question 89: “Let me introduce myself. I‟m John.” “.”
A. I‟m very pleased
B. Please to meet you
C. It‟s my pleasure
D. what a pleasure
Question 90: “Why not go and have dinner in a restaurant?” “”
A. I agree
B. Why not?
C. I‟m sure
D. I’m afraid not
Question 91: “Hi, I‟m glad to see you.” “ ..”
A. My name is john
B. Thank you
C. Me, too
D. I‟m glad to hear that
Question 92: “I haven‟t seen you for ages! You look fine.”
“ ., you look well too”
A. Great
B. Thank you
C. Oh, no
D. Not at all
Question 93: “ ?” “ I‟d like to see that red dress.”
A. What do you like
B. do you want anything
C. What can I do for you
D. What will you do
Question 94: “Thank you very much for your help.” “...”
A. It‟s quite OK
B. That‟s right
C. I‟d love to
D. You’re welcome
Question 95: “....” “ it‟s doesn‟t matter.”
A. Sorry, I’m late
B. What a pity
C. It‟s very nice
D. Can I help you
Question 96: “How about a game of chess?” “.”
A. I agree
B. I don‟t mind
C. Why not?
D. That‟s right
Question 97: “Must we take a bus” “ No, you You can walk from here.”
A. Must not
B. Don‟t must
C. Don’t have to
D. Better not
Question 98: “” “ Very well, thank you. And you?”
A. Good night
B. How do you like English
C. How are you?
D. How do you do?
Question 99: “ Hello, may I speak to John Smith?” “.”
A. I‟m john Smith
B. My name is John Smith
C. John Smith is me
D. This is John Smith speaking.
Question 100: “ Sorry, I forgot to post the letter for you.”
“ Never mind, .. it myself this afternoon.”
A. I‟d rather post
B. I‟d better to post
C. I‟m going to post
D. I’ll post

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