Đề thi học kì II môn Tiếng anh Lớp 3

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Họ và tờn: ................................. Lớp:
I. Complete the sentences (2,5ms)
1. How’s th__ weather tod__y?
2. It is s__nny and w__ndy.
3. Does s__e have to__s?
4. I ha__e ten do__s.
5. The ro__ots are ove__ there.
II. Circle the odd one out (2,5ms)
1. how	what	who	many
2. dog	cat	robot	fish
3. sunny	rainy	windy	cloud
4. doll	ships	robots	balls
5. big	pets	small	large
III. Select and tick the letter A, B or C (3ms)
1. I have _______ toys.
	A. many	B. a	C. one
2. Li Li _______ one doll.
	A. is	B. has	C. have
3. Where are _____ balls ?
	A. a	B. one	C. the
4. ______many pets do you have?
	A. Where	B. How	C. Do
5. How many toys _______ you have?
	A. are	B. has	C. have.
6. I have ten ________.
	A. rotbot	B. a robot	C. robots
IV. Write the questions (2ms)
1. ________________________________?
- It’s cloudy.
2. ________________________________?
- Yes, I have one cat.
____The End ___
Phòng GD & ĐT kiểm tra chất lượng học kỳ II 
 Full name: 	
 	Môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 4 năm học: 2013-2014
 Question 1: Complete the sentences. (2,5P)
It’s ra_ _y in Ha Noi today.
The_ _ are two bathrooms in the house.
I have a cat. W- - t about you?
H_ _ many pets do you have?
Lan and Mai are in the ki_ _hen.
Question 2: Read and match. (2,5P)
1. That’s my sister.
a. No, It’s isn’t. It’s small.
2. Is your bag big?
b. It’s large.
3. My sister has two new dolls.
c. Her name’s Nga.
4. Where are the robots?
d. They are nice.
5. This is my house.
e. They are over there.
Question 3: Select the letter A, B or C. (2,5P)
1. There many clouds in the sky.
 A. am B. are C. is
..the weather today? 
 A. What’s B. Where’s C. How’s
3. Who’s that?......................
 A. That’s my sister. B. It’s my family. C. It’s my house.
4.Good bye. 	
 A. Fine, thanks. B. Nice to meet you. C. See you later.
5._________has a robot and a ship.
 A. I B. Nam C. We
Question4: Reoder the sentences to make the dialogue. (2,5P)
 I have two dolls and three balls.
 1 Do you have toys?
 No, I have no robots.
 What’s toys do you have?
 What about robots?
 Yes, I have some.
 ------the end------

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