Đề ôn thi THPT Quốc gia số 1 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 12 (Có đáp án)

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1. A. character	B. technical 	 	C. chemist	 D. teacher
2: A. exist 	B. extinct 	C. expand 	D. explorer 
 3: A. certain 	B. couple 	C. decide 	D. equal 
4: A. discovery 	B. simplicity 	C. commodity D. difficulty 
Mistake identification
 5: We all know that we have to work hardly to earn a living ourselves and support the family. 
6: Old people in my country always looks forward to their retirement so that they can travel. 
7: I don’t mind a little inconvenient but this is impossible. 
Choose the best option
1. Billy has been seriously ill, and he was taken to ___ hospital yesterday 
A. an 	B. Ø 	C. a 	D. the 
2. ―Sorry for being late. I was _____ in the traffic for more than an hour. 
A. held up 	B. carried on 	C. taken after 	D. put off 
3.They _______ for 3 hours when the storm suddenly broke. 
A. are running B. had been running C. have been running D. will be running
4.No one really believed it when the news came through that the "Titanic" had ________ on her maiden voyage. 
A. gone on 	B. gone down 	C. gone off 	D. gone over 
5: Boys! Put your toys ____. It is time to go to bed. Don't stay ____ late. 
A. down / off 	B. off / on 	C. around/ for 	D. away / up 
6: Petrol is _______ it used to. 
A. twice as expensive as 	B. twice expensive more than 
C. twice more than expensive 	D. more expensive than twice 
7. She likes meeting people and travelling so she wants to apply for a _______ of a receptionist or tourist guide. 
A. location 	 B. position	 	C. site 	D. word 
8: There’s somebody behind us. I think we _______. 
A. were being followed B. are followed C. are being followed D. following 
9: Whistling or clapping hands to get someone’s attention is considered ______ and even rude in some circumstances. 
A. suitable 	B. unnecessary C. appropriate 	D. impolite 
10: “I’m too tired to study.” “If you hadn’t watched that late movie last night, you _____ so tired now.” 
A. wouldn’t be B. wouldn’t have been C. would have been D. hadn’t been 
11. : Someone who is __ thinks that bad things are going to happen. 
A. optimistic 	B. pessimistic 	C. threatened	D. Hopeful
12. : We always hold a family barbecue in our garden on Independence Day,______ was on a Tuesday this year. 
A. what 	B. which 	C. that 	D. when 
13. Porter: ―Shall I help you with your suitcase? 	Mary: ______ 
A. I can‘t agree more. 	B. What a pity! 
C. That’s very kind of you.	D. Not a chance.
14. You can meet Mr. Pike, who is _______ behalf of the university to solve the problems of foreign students. 
A. on B. in C. with D. for 
 indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s)
1. I wanted to prove to my family that I could make something of myself. “
A. become successful through my own efforts 
B. put my back into studying: C. get through the difficult times by myself 
D. make up my mind without any help 
2. Please do up your safety belt before we begin the journey 
A. wear 	B. loosen 	C. fasten 	D. carry 
indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) 
3. My cousin tends to look on the bright side in any circumstance.
A. be optimistic B. be pessimistic C. be confident D. be smart
4. If you are at a loose end this weekend, I will show you round the city.
 A. reluctant	B. free	 C. confident	 D. busy
Sentence transformation
1. How old is your little boy?” said the nurse to Mrs. Bingley.
	A. The nurse asked Mrs. Bingley how old her little boy is. 
	B. The nurse asked Mrs. Bingley how old her little boy was.
	C. The nurse asked Mrs. Bingley about what age her little boy is.
	D. Mrs. Bingley asked the nurse how old was her little boy
2. He started computer programming as soon as he left school.
A. After he left school, he had started computer programming.
B. Hardly had he started computer programming when he left school.
C. No sooner had he left school than he started computer programming.
D. No sooner had he started computer programming than he left school.
 3. “ If I were you, I would take the job,” said my room-mate.
	A. My room-mate was thinking about taking the job.	
	B. My room-mate advised me to take the job.
	C. My room-mate introduced the idea of taking the job to me. 
	D. My room-mate insisted on taking the job for me.
Sentence combination
1. It rained heavily, so the football match was cancelled.
A. The match was cancelled because the heavy rain.
B. If it didn’t rain, the match wouldn’t be cancelled.
C. Despite the heavy rain, the match was cancelled.
D. If it hadn’t been for the heavy rain, the match wouldn’t have been cancelled.
2. As he grows older, he becomes increasingly intelligent. 
A. The older he grows, the more intelligent he becomes. 
B. The older he grew, the more intelligent he becomes. 
C. The oldest he grows, the more intelligent he becomes. 
D. The older he grows, more intelligent he becomes. 
The growth of population has its problems as we shall see. As there are more and more mouths (1)_____, there comes a great strain ((2)_____ the resources of a country; this is real in the case of developing countries with the result they are unable to push ahead economically. As food is not sufficient there is chronic malnutrition in these countries especially in women and children resulting in weaker population (3)_____ would only economically be a drain on the country as their productive years will be short. As health and education are the State's (4)_____, they affect the country's finances. So in developing countries health and illiteracy continue to be the problem. The unwieldy growth of population leads to the problem of housing and sanitation. In many countries the slums are a (5)_____ to the eyes. Slums grow round big cities and are found with all the drawbacks. These are the areas of disease, filth and crime. 
1: A. to be fed 	B. for feeding 	C. fed 	D. to feed 
2: A. to 	B. down 	C. on 	D. for 
3: A. which 	B. who 	C. those 	D. what 
34: A. job 	B. problem 	C. work 	D. affair 
5: A. pain 	B. wound 	C. sore 	D. hurt 
When people plan to marry, they expect to find in their partner not only a lover but a friend also. They find a person with whom they can share their opinions, their emotions, thoughts and fears. In marriage we are looking for a partner who will be able to understand our values, our likes and dislikes. 
If a man and a woman are born and raised in the same country, most likely they are familiar with the same songs, movies, jokes, books and life in general. They basically have the same roots. In the case of a western man and foreign woman family everything is more complicated and requires much more patience and understanding from both spouses. On one hand each of the partners has an opportunity to learn a great deal about the other's country, culture, traditions and life styles which can be very interesting. On the other hand it can be very disappointing if there is the inability to understand your partner's excitements and frustrations. For example, you are watching the television and suddenly you see a famous actor or singer, or other type of an artist whose name you have grown up with. Maybe this artist was an idol for your parents and the music of this artist was often played in your house when you were a child. Unfortunately you realize that your wife is unable to understand your feelings because she has no idea who this artist is. Her eyes are absolutely empty because she has never even heard the song before. You feel rather disappointed! Remember that your wife has the same situation with you. You do not know her country's songs, her country's famous actors, her books. She has her own memories and in actuality, for her, everything is much more difficult than it is for you. At least, you live in your own country where everybody can understand you. She lives in completely strange surroundings, where she has nobody to share her feelings with, except you. 
1: Wife and husband (or a spouse) should ________.
A. let the partner to do everything alone. B. be not only a lover but also a friend.
C. not share the feelings with the partner.	 
D. not interfere with what the partner's likes and dislikes.
2: According to the passage, ________.
A. Spouses who have the same nationality need more patience and understanding than those who are from different cultures.
B. Spouses who are from different cultures need more patience and understanding than those who have the same roots.
C. Spouses who have the same roots do not share anything together.
D. Spouses who are from different cultures can never share anything together.
3: If there is the inability to understand a spouse's excitements and frustrations , he or she may feel ____________.
A. disappointed	B. hopeless 	C. faithful 	D. happy
4:The writer’s attitude is ________. 
A. critical 	B. convincing 	C. advisory 	D. apologetic
5: The clause “Her eyes are absolutely empty” can be understood that 
A. she likes the artist 	B. she does not like the artist 
C.She is fond of the artist	D. she doesn’t understand
6:. The word they in line 6 refers to _________
A. men B. women 	C. a man and a woman	D. men and women
7:. To overcome cultural differences in marriage needs ________.
 A. patience and time 	B. time and money
 C. movies and music 	D. books and the Internet
Millions of people are using cell phones today. In many places, it is actually considered unusual not to use one. In many countries, cell phones are very popular with young people. They find that the phones are more than a means of communication - having a mobile phone shows that they are cool and connected.
The explosion in mobile phone use around the world has made some health professionals worried. Some doctors are concerned that in the future many people may suffer health problems from the use of mobile phones. In England, there has been a serious debate about this issue. Mobile phone companies are worried about the negative publicity of such ideas. They say that there is no proof that mobile phones are bad for your health. On the other hand, medical studies have shown changes in the brain cells of some people who use mobile phones. Signs of change in the tissues of the brain and head can be detected with modern scanning equipment. In one case, a traveling salesman had to retire at young age because of serious memory loss. He couldn't remember even simple tasks. He would often forget the name of his own son. This man used to talk on his mobile phone for about six hours a day, every day of his working week, for a couple of years. His family doctor blamed his mobile phone use, but his employer's doctor didn't agree. What is it that makes mobile phones potentially harmful? The answer is radiation. High-tech machines can detect very small amounts of radiation from mobile phones. Mobile phone companies agree that there is some radiation, but they say the amount is too small to worry about. As the discussion about their safety continues, it appears that it's best to use mobile phones less often. Use your regular phone if you want to talk for a long time. Use your mobile phone only when you really need it. Mobile phones can be very useful and convenient, especially in emergencies. In the future, mobile phones may have a warning label that says they are bad for your health. So for now, it's wise not to use your mobile phone too often.
1:. According to the passage, cell phones are especially popular with young people because...............
A. they are indispensable in everyday communications	
B. they make them look more stylish
C. they keep the users alert all the time	
D. they cannot be replaced by regular phones
2:. The changes possibly caused by the cell phones are mainly concerned with...............
A. the smallest units of the brain B. the mobility of the mind and the body C. the arteries of the brain 	D. the resident memory
3:. The word "means" in the passage most closely means.......
A. meanings 	B. expression 	C. method 	D. transmission
4:. The word "potentially" in the passage most closely means ......
A. obviously 	B. privately	C. certainly 	D. possibly
5:. The phrase"negative publicity" in the passage most likely means . 
A. widespread opinion about bad effects of cell phones	
B. information on the lethal effects of cell phones	
C. the negative public use of cell phones
D. poor ideas about the effects of cell phones
6:. The word “they” in the passage refers to ....................
A. mobile phones 	B.people using mobile phones	
C. radiation	D. mobile phone companies 
7. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage ............
A. people should use mobile phones in urgent cases	
B. people should use mobile phones in medical emergencies
C. people should keep off mobile phones regularly	
D. people shouldn’t use mobile phones too often 
8:. The most suitable title for the passage could be_____.
A. "The Reasons Why Mobile Phones Are Popular"	
B. "Technological Innovations and Their Price"
C. "The Way Mobile Phones Work"	
D. "Mobile Phones: A Must of Our Time"

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