Đề ôn tập tổng hợp môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 lên 7 - Số 3

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I. Choose the words having the underlined letters pronounced differently (1pt)
1. a. warm	b. black	c. garden	d. half
2. a. red	b. leg	c. head	d. bean
3. a. yellow	b. egg	c. tea	d. bread
4. a. fine	b. live	c. night	d. kite
II. Choose the correct answer (2pts)
1. Can I ______ you?
a. help	b. to help	c. helping	d. helps
2. Look! The teacher ________ 
a. come	b. comes	c. coming	d. is coming
3. There is a lake to ______ of the house
a. right	b. the left	c. front	d. behind
4. I want ______ that movie
a. see	b. to see	c. seeing	d. sees
5. Her school is ______ than his school
a. small	b. smaller	c. smallest	d. the smallest
6. Ha Noi is the _______ of Viet Nam
a. capital	b. city	c. mountain	d. forest
7. _______ going to the museum?
a. Let’s	b. Why don’t	c. What about	d. Do you want
8. It’s a beautiful day today. Let’s ______ for a walk.
a. go	b. going	c. to go	d. goes
9. How _____ students are there in the yard?
a. many	b. much	c. often	d. X
10. How much is this ____ of cooking oil?
a. glass	b. box	c. bottle	d. bar
III. Supply the correct word forms. (2pts)
1. We should (do) morning exercises.	____________________
2. They (not/ watch) TV now.	____________________
3. What (the children/ often/ do) when it (be) hot?	____________________
4. My uncle sometimes (listen) to the radio.	____________________
5. Yesterday, I (go) to the restaurant with Lan.	____________________
6. Phuong (not/ return) to Hanoi last year.	____________________
7. What (you/ do) last night? - I (do) my homework.	____________________
8. We want (buy) something for our mum.	____________________
IV. Complete the following passage with suitable words. (2pts)
Vietnam, our country, is very beautiful. It has (1) ___________ season: spring, summer, fall and (2) ____________. In the spring, it is often warm, sometimes it’s rainy. In the summer, it’s hot and sunny. The (3) ______________ is cool in the fall and in the winter it is (4) ___________ and windy. I (5) _______________ hot weather (6) ______________ I can do many activities. (7) ______________ it’s hot, I usually (8) _____________ swimming and (9) __________ football. Sometimes I go fishing (10) ___________ my brother.
V. Correct the mistakes in these sentences (1.5pts)
1. My mother is going the market with me 	______________________________
2. Don’t to talk in class	______________________________
3. Is he teach you English? 	______________________________
4. It often is cool in the fall	______________________________
5. How many is this book?	______________________________
6. She sometimes feel tired.	______________________________
VI. Rewrite the following sentences (1.5pts)
1. Does Phong’s school have forty classrooms?
Are _____________________________________?
2. The Mekong River is longer than the Red River.
The Red River ___________________________
3. Phuong has a brother, Nam
Phuong is _______________________________
4. My father usually drives to work.
My father usually goes ____________________
5. Quang is 1.74 meters tall. Vinh is 1.65 tall
Quang is ________________________________
6. Hang is the fattest girl in my class.
No girl __________________________________

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