Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 Sách Thí điểm - Unit 1: Phrasal Verbs

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1. set up: khởi nghiệp, xây dựng sự nghiệp	16. bring out: = publish : xuất bản
2. bring out: xuất bản, phát hành	17. Look through: nhìn
3. look through: đọc	18. Keep up with = stay equal with : theo kịp
4. keep up with: bắt kịp với	19. Run out of = short of: cạn kiệt, hết
5. run out of: hết	20. Pass down: phá sản, phá vỡ
6. pass down: chuyển giao	21. Live on: sống nhờ vào
7. close down: đóng cửa, dừng (kinh doanh)	22. Deal with : giải quyết
8. get on with: thân thiết với	23. Look over: xem xét, kiểm tra
9. turn down: phản đối, từ chối	24: face up to (with) = deal with : đồng ý, đối mặt
10. set off: khởi hành	25. Turn down: phản đối, từ chối
11. pass down: chuyển giao	26. split up: vỡ ra, tách ra 
12. turn up: xuất hiện, đến	27. rustle up: vội vàng, hối hả 
13. work out: kết thúc	28. tuck into: ăn ngon lành 
14. take over: đảm đương, đảm nhận
15: find out: tìm thông tin
I. Match the phrasal verbs in A with their meaning in B. (SB P10) - 
1. pass down
a. Stop doing business
2. live on
b. Have a friendly relationship withsomebody
3. deal with
c. transfer from one generation to the next
4. close down
d. reject or refuse something
5. face up to
e. return
6. get on with
f. take action to solve a problem
7. come back
g. have enough money to live
8. turn down
h. accept, deal with
II. Complete each of the following sentences using the correct form of a phrasal verbs in the box. (BTNC – P7)
keep up Close down come back deal with get up 
look through pass down Set off turn down live on 
1. My sister is an early bird. She  at 7 o’clock every day of the week.
2. We’ll  for Tay Ho village at 9 o’clock and arrive at 10 o’clock.
3. When I was a student, I. small allowances from my parents
4. The government must now . The preservation of traditional craft village.
5. The banks have  a lot of branches in villages over the last few years.
6. Many foreign tourist decided to  to Viet Nam for another holiday.
7. They offered her a trip to Europe but she . it 
8. He has  the report and found nothing interesting.
9. Phong walk too fast and it’s really hard to  him.
10. These traditional stories have been.. from parents to children over many gerneration.
Exercise 1
Choose the correct form of a phrasal verb from the box to replace the words in italics in the sentences below. Put the verbs in the correct tense.
 work out get up turn off put on go out take off wake up
1. I (1) stopped sleeping ..very early this morning.
2. I (2) stop sleeping and get out of bed ....at 7 o’clock during the week.
3. She (3) removed ...her jacket as she came in.
4. I (4) donned .a coat and left the house.
5. He (5) left the house for a social activity .with some friends.
6. She (6) does physical exercise .in the local gym every day.
7. Is the computer turned on? Will you (7) stop it working by pressing a button, please?
Exercise 2
These phrasal verbs are all about food. Complete the sentences below using the correct form of a phrasal verb from the box.
rustle up dish up tuck into finish off eat out
1. The children were all at the table waiting for me to .
2. I’m afraid there isn’t any cake left - we it .
3. Judging by the way they dinner, they must have been very hungry.
4. I can probably a meal with what’s left in the fridge.
5. There are some very good restaurants in the city centre if you like to .
Exercise 4
Complete the conversation with a phrasal verb from the box in the correct form. The definitions in brackets will help you.
set off pick up hang on get in
A: You’re arriving in Rome next Friday, right?
B: Yes, that’s right.
A: I’ll (1) you if you like? (collect) B: That would be lovely.
A: What time does your plane (2) ? (arrive)
B: (3) (Wait). I’ll just check on the ticket. Er..20.45.
A: OK. If I (4) (leave the house) at about 8.00p.m., I’ll be there on time.

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