Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 - Unit 2

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Name: __________________________________
Time allocated: 60 minutes
How do these people keep fit? Listen and tick (ü) what they say
swims regularly
exercises regularly
goes climbing
plays sports
plays sports
rides a bicycle
exercises at work
plays sports
does daily exercise
rides a bicycle
Choose the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.
7. A. seaside	B. police	C. combine	D. hygiene
8. A. of	B. fan	C. leaf	D. half
9. A. page	B. game	C. go	D. gift
10. A. begun	B. funny	C. sun	D. autumn
Put the correct sentence under each picture.
	- I feel tired	- I have a flu	- I have a cough	 - I feel cold
	- I have stomachache	- I have toothache	- I have earache	
	- I have a sore throat	- I have a temperature	- I have a headache
11. _____________________________	12. _____________________________
13. 	_____________________________	14. _____________________________
15. 	_____________________________	16._____________________________
17. 	_____________________________	18. _____________________________
19. 	_____________________________	20. _____________________________
Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete each sentence
21. I was 40 kilos last month. Now I’m 42. I __________ weight.
A. put	B. get	C. am putting on	D. getting on
22. What are the __________ of a cold?
A. symptoms	B. signs	C. signals	D. shows
23. The weather is __________ today. It’s worse than yesterday.
A. well	B. nice	C. awful	D. fine
24. It’s very unpleasant but nobody knows __________ for a cold.
A. a treat	B. a cure	C. a way	D. a measure
25. Were you ever absent _________ school last term?
A. of	B. for	C. with	D. from
26. Eat __________, exercise regularly, then you’ll be fit and healthy.
A. well	B. good	C. fine	D. careful
27. Every year, millions of people __________ a cold.
A. catch	B. get	C. have	D. All are correct
28. Oh, you were sick. How __________ you __________ now?
A. do/ feel	B. did/ feel	C. are/ feel	D. were/ feeling
29. Did Mom write a __________ for you?
A. sick form	B. ill paper	C. ill note	D. sick note
30. Take an aspirin or any other tablet __________ the pain.
A. to kill	B. to break	C. to give up	D. to take off
31. Mr. Jones often travels to New York by plane. He often __________ by American Airlines.
A. fly	B. goes	C. went	D. flew
32. Your temperature is high. You’re having a __________.
A. cold	B. fever	C. coughing	D. sneezing
33. They just help you __________ the symptoms.
A. relieve	B. reduce	C. move	D. A and B are correct.
34. Could you tell me the way to the chemist’s? I need some __________.
A. sweets	B. food	C. medicine	D. stamps
35. Did you walk or come __________ car this morning?
A. with	B. in	C. through	D. by
Match the problem in column A with the appropriate advice in column B
36. My eyes are getting weaker. _____
37. I feel sad. _____
38. I have spots. _____
39. I have a sore throat. _____
40. I get sunburnt._____
a. Wash your face regularly.
b. Don’t shout or sing much.
c. Cool down your room.
d. Wear a sun hat.
e. Wear warm clothes and drink hot water.
f. Go outside and play with friends.
g. Spend less time on computer
Identify the one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. Then correct it.
41 – 42. Eric now drives his bike to school instead of travelling by bus.
	A	 B C	 D
Correction: ________________________
43 – 44. You must try to make these chilren clean their tooth.
	 A B C D
Correction: ________________________
45 – 46. I am tired from watching the same programs again and again.
 A	B	C	D
Correction: ________________________
47 – 48. Where were you yesterday? You don’t come to school.
	 A B C D
Correction: ________________________
49 – 50. Cold is the more common illness because millions of people catch it every year.
 	A	 B	C	 D
Correction: ________________________
Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.
You have a headache and you sneeze and cough. Your (51) _______ is all stuffed up, and it keeps running, so you have to blow it every few minutes. You know by these ______(52) that you have a cold, and you feel completely ______(53). You are not sure if you will live through the day. 
Everyone suffers ______ (54) the common cold at some time or other. It isn’t a serious______(55), but over a billion dollars a year is spent on different kinds of cold medicine every year. This medicine can relieve the symptoms. That is, it can make you cough ______(56), make your head less intense, and stop your nose ______(57) for a while. However, it can cure your cold. So far, ______(58) no cure for the common cold and no medicine to prevent it. 
Although there is no cure or preventive medicine for colds, people have all kinds of ideas about ______(59) to prevent and treat colds. Some people think that if you eat a lot of onions, you won’t each cold. ______(60) say that you should avoid getting wet and chilled, or you will catch cold. However, this is apparently not so. 
[ stuff: nghẹt, ngạt; get chilled: bị lạnh; apparently: hiển nhiên]
51. A. nose	B. face	C. head	D. mouth
52. A. diseases 	B. fevers 	C. cures 	D. symptoms
53. A. sad 	B. hungry 	C. miserable 	D. thirsty
54. A. from 	B. of 	C. with 	D. about
55. A. misery 	B. illness 	C. headache 	D. wrong
56. A. less 	B. fewer 	C. much 	D. more
57. A. walking 	B. jogging 	C. running 	D. flowing
58. A. it is 	B. there is 	C. they are 	D. there are
59. A. what 	B. why 	C. where 	D. how
60. A. Other’s 	B. Another C. Others D. Other
Read the following passage and decide which sentences are True (T) or False (F)
How many calories can you burn in one hour? Well, it all depends on the activity. You use calories all the time, even when you are resting. Reading, sleeping, sitting and sunbathing all use about 60 calories an hour.
Very light activities use 75 calories. Examples are eating, writing, knitting, shaving, driving and washing up.
Light activities which use about 100 calories an hour include playing the piano, getting dressed and having a shower.
Under moderate activities which use between 100 and 200 calories an hour we can put walking, doing housework, shopping and skating.
Energetic activities use 200 - 400 calories. These include horse riding, cycling, swimming, skipping, and dancing.
Finally there are strenuous activities which use up to 600 calories an hour. These activities include climbing stairs, jogging, digging the garden and playing football.
_____61. The amount of calories we use an hour depends on the activities we do.
_____62. When we are resting we don’t burn calories.
_____63. Reading uses as many calories as writing.
_____64. The calories we burn for eating and washing up are the same.
_____65. Sunbathing uses more calories than driving.
_____66. Having a shower uses only 100 calories an hour.
_____67. Walking is a very light activity.
_____68. Cycling and dancing use the same amount of calories.
_____69. Horse riding uses the most amount of calories.
_____70. Playing football uses fewer calories than swimming.
Combine sentences, using appropriate coorinating conjuction in the box.
	and	but	because	so	
71-72. I eat more fruit and vegetables. I want to be fitter and healthier.
73-74. You have a sunburn. You don’t wear a sun hat.
75-76. You may have an allergy. Be careful with what you eat and drink.
77-78. Tom has a temperature. Tom has a sore throat.
79-80. You are catching flu. You don’t wash your hands very often.

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