Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 - Unit 2 - Năm học 2017-2018

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 11/8/2017. Mark/70
Mrs. Nhien.E11.TD.TEST FOR UNIT 2 Name.
Task 1. Pronunciation. 4m
1.a. taste	b. date	c.relationship	d. romantic 
2.a. reconciled	b.engage	c. initiative	d. self-reliant
3.a. argument	b. trust	c. upset	d. unreasonable
4.a. reaction	b. achievement	c. matchmaking	d. enthusiastic
Task 2. Stress. 4m
1.a. concerntrate	b. potential	c. contribute	d. counsellor
2.a. betray	b. appearance	c. matchmaking	d. persuade
3.a. reaction	b. psychologist	c. reconcile	d. oppose
4.a. emotional	b. romantic	c. opposite	d. relationship
Task 3. Fill in the gap with the vocabulary you have learned in Unit 1. 8m
1. In my class, the girls are on.. with all the boys.
2. I can’t ..my parent’s permission to go out after mid-night.
3. No one feel surprised at the fact that their close friendship turned into . relationship.
4. Mary is too worried because she will have a .. with Thomas tonight at the restaurant.
5. We all have great . for the victim – nạn nhân- of the flood.
6. She had an argument with one of her close friend, but she's managed to be.with her.
7. My parents always worry that I am in a.with Nam, my close friend.
8.She felt very . after her father’s death. Then, she went to see a counsellor for some advices.
Task 4. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in the bracket. 8m
1.My teacher is very caring and. (SYMPHATHY)
2. Judy felt .. when knowing that his parents got divorced.(SHOCK)
3.When you have a romantic relationship, you're having a relationship based on love and. attraction.(EMOTION)
4.I thought my friend.my trust when she told others my secret.(BETRAY)
5. My parents always worry that I am in a.with Nam, my close friend.(RELATION)
6.Linda doesn’t get on well with her parents. They have a lot of .. .(ARGUE)
7. My parents and teachers are always telling me that I have to.on my study.(CONCENTRATION)
8. Never judge someone by their . .(APPEAR)
Task 1. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. 10m
1. My mother sounded . on hearing that I would arrive home late.	
A. angry 	B. angrily	C. anger	D. angerly
2.Wendy looked at the dress .and wished she had it one day.
A. care	B. caring	C. careful	D. carefully
3. To decide the winner of the competition, the examiners (taste) ________ candidates' dishes now.
A. taste	B. tasted	C. are tasting	D.tastes
4. Listen! Her story (sound) _________ interesting.
A. sounds	B. is sounding	C. sound	D. sounded
5. The sky (grow) ________ brighter after it finished raining.
A. is growing	B. grows	C. grow	D. grew
6. ________ I bought the golden fish.
       A. It was from this shop that                     B. I was from this shop where
       C. It was this shop which                          D. It was this shop that
7. It was Tom _______ to help us.
       A. comes              B. that comes              C. to come           	D. who came
8. _______ the police had rescued from the fire.
       A. The baby         B. The baby that        C. It was the baby who              D. The baby whom
9. ________ a high level of blood cholesterol.
       A. It is eggs that contain                                      B. Those are eggs it contains
       C. It is eggs that contains                                     D. It is eggs contain
10. ____________ me how to play the drum.
       A. It was my uncle who taught                         B. My uncle who taught
       C. It was my uncle taught                                 D. It is my uncle teaching
 Task 2. Rewrite each sentence using cleft sentences. 5m
1.My husband waters the flowers every day. 
2. You are wrong, not me.
3. Peter invited me to attend his sister’s birthday party.
4. They are going to build a park near the river.
5. The meeting began at 7 p.m.
Task 3. Complete the sentences with the suitable linking verbs with the correct forms. 7m
 taste feel become look grow sound smell 
1.He  handsome. 
2.The music .. brassy. 
3.This soup ..very spicy.
4. This perfume . nice like the rose. 
5. The boys . tired at the end of the soccer match.
6. I hope to  a famous engineer.
7. The leaves often.. yellow in the autumn.
Task 4. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. 4m
1. feel/ How/ broke/ his/ Peter/ girlfriend?/ with/ up/ him/ did/when/
2. in/ party./ we/ wonderful/ a/was/ the/It/ had/ garden/ that/
3. looks/ dress./ beautiful/white/so/She/in/that/
4. after/cat/lovely/ Mary/ her/ carefully./looks/ 
Task 1. Read the text and fill each gap with a word or a phrase from the box. 10m
personality	build	care	kindly	excellent	
stressed	feelings	a sense of	 pay conversation
Some students talk about their relationship problems and are given advice from counsellors. Read and do the tasks that follow.
Question: I really like a boy in my class. He's very good-looking, kind and has a 1 of humor. He is on good terms with everyone. I think every girl in my class adores him. I feel 2... because I think I am not pretty at all. I don't know how to start a 3.. with him. I'm always nervous when he's near me.
(Ha Anh)
Counsellor: I understand your 4... Don't worry. I think he can be a good friend. Now you need to be confident and try to 5 a friendship with him. As for me, a girl's true value not only lies in her appearance, but also in her achievements, her contributions to the community and her 6. as well. I don't think it's only girls' appearance that makes boys 7.. attention to them. If you study hard, become an 8.. student and treat others 9., he may notice you. One more thing is that girls are more beautiful when they know how to take 10. of themselves. Thus, you shouldn't keep in your mind that you're not adorable. You will be pretty in his eyes because of your own identity and your confidence.
Task 2. Read the text again and match the terms in A with the definitions in B. 5m
1.be on good terms with someone
4. adore someone
5.keep in mind
a.love or admire someone very much
b.an action that helps to cause or increase something
c.remember or consider
d.be friendly and able to interact well with someone
e.the way somebody/something looks on the outside
Task 3. Choose the best anwers for the following questions. 5m
1.What is Ha Anh's problem?
A. She does not have good relationships with other students in her class.
B. She adores a boy in her class, but she doesn't feel confident.
C. A boy who is admired by every girl in her class likes her.
2.What does Ha Anh think about her own appearance?
A. She thinks she is good-looking, kind and humorous.
B. She always considers herself unattractive but well-behaved.
C. She's worried that she's not beautiful.
3.What does the counsellor advise Ha Anh to do?
A. She should try to increase her confidence, study better and create her own identity.
B. She ought to be on good terms with other students and engage in their conversation.
C. She should know how to take care of herself and not think about him too much.
4. According to the text, the following factors can make a boy notice a girl, EXCEPT
A. appearance B. achievements C. nervousness D. identity
5. What is not true according to the passage?
A. Girls are more beautiful when they are confident.
B. If Ha Anh studies hard, the boy can notice her.
C. The boy can’t like Ha Anh because she is ugly.
D. The boy is a good guy.

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