Đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 - Unit 1: Family Life

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I. Choose the best answer
1.	A. creates	B. dishes	C. changes	D. finances
1.1 	A. takes	B. smiles	C. types	D. shops
2. My dad oftten shares the housework ___________my mum.
	A. for	B. with	C. to	D. into
3. In my family, we work together on household chores. We share the housework ___________
	A. equality	B. equal	C. equally	D. unequally	 
4. Nam doesn’t enjoy being with other people. He isn’t friendly. He is a(n)___________. person.
unsociable	B. society	C. sociable	D. friendly
5. Mary hates___________after dinner and sometimes breaks a bowls or a plate. 
A. to do the washing-up	 B. doing the washing- up
 	C.doing the laundry	 D. to do the laundry 
6. “Sharing” is the same as ___________
A. divide	B. split	C. divorcing	D. handling
7. My mother usually ___________the cooking everyday.
 	A. do	B. does	C. is doing	D. to do
8. In my family, everybody ___________the household chores.
 	A. sharing 	 B. to share	C. shares	D. share
9. She ___________her homework at the moment.
 	A. is doing 	B. to do	C. does	D. do
10. My father is a ___________, who is responsible for the family finances..
 A. breadwinner B. homemaker 	C. housewife	D. cook
11. As planned, we ___________our grandparents this weekend.
 	A. will visit 	 B. visit C. are going to visit D. is going to visit
12. English ___________by people all over the world.
 	A. be spoken	 B. speak	C. are spoken	 D. is spoken
13. These books ___________carefully by her.
 	A. keep	B. are kept	C. is keep	D. be kept
14. Don't worry. He ___________carefully.
 	A. am going to B. drive	C. will drives	 D. will drive
A chore is a routine task or job that is often done around the home. Many people find chores unpleasant or boring and are reluctant to do them. However, when chores are divided between many people they can be accomplished much faster. Parents often assign chores to their children so that they can learn new skills and become more independent.  Sometimes, children are given an allowance or ‘pocket money’ if they complete all their household chores.
1. Who should do chores?
A. Mother	B. Father	C. Children	D. All members in the family
2. How do people feel about chores?
A. Chores are relaxing	B. Chores are not interesting
C. Chores are not hard work.	D. Chores are reluctant
3. What do children sometimes get when they complete all their chores?
A. some money	B. a pocket	C. a toy	D. a gift
4. Why do parents assign chores to their children?
A. Because parents want their children to become more independent.
B. Because parents want their children to learn new skills.
C. Both A & B
D. Neither A nor B
5. What does the word ‘routine’ mean?
A. usual	B. ordinary	C. repeated	D. All of them
II. Put the correct forms or tenses of the verbs in the blankets
1. I’m busy right now. I (prepare) ___________dinner.
2. The houseplants (grow)___________very fast because he (water)___________them every day.
3. My father sometimes (do)___________the cooking. Everybody in the family (enjoy)___________the meal he cooks.
4. I think Tam (get)___________the job. She has a lot of experience.
5. Be quiet! Your dad (listen) ___________to the news.
6. It (not take) ___________him much time (do) ___________the laundry because he has a washing machine.
9. Mai (not/ study) ___________very hard at the moment. I (not/think) ___________she’ll pass the exam.
10. He hate (wash) ___________dishes after dinner and sometimes (break)___________a bowl or a plate.

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