Đề kiểm tra học kì I môn Tiếng anh Lớp 10 - Đề số 11

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Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 
A. cook 	B floor. 	C. good 	D. foot
A. dirty 	B. pity	C. first	D. girl
A. respect	B. text 	C. end	D. temple
A. cure	B. mute	C. sure	D. pure
Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. 
The boy ____ eyes are brown is my son. 
	A. who	B. whom	C. that	D. whose
A person with a ___ is unable to hear. 
	A. deaf	B. deafen 	C. deafness	D. deafening
At first, they were opposed ____ the idea of sending their children to school. 
	A. to	B. with	C. about	D. for
A disabled person is one who is unable to use a part of the body in the ___ way. 
	A. normal	B. normally	C. formal	D. special
What ___ before you came here?
 	A. did you do 	B. you did	C. were you doing 	D. had you done
After he ___ school, he went straight to work . 
	A. has left 	B. left	C. was leaving	D. had left
Miss Thuy’s class is different ____ other classes. 
	A. with	B. about	C. from	D. for
They were _____ great efforts to help their poor kids 
	A. having	B. making	C. showing	D. doing 
The heavy rain prevented us _____ going camping last Sunday. 
	A. with	B. about	C. from	D. for
We have a better life ____ the development of sciences. 
	A. thanks for	B. thanks to	C. thank you 	D. thankful
____ he worked really hard, he couldn’t earn enough money to support his family. 
	A. Although	B. Despite	C. Because	D. Because of. 
The disabled ____ the help of the government. 
	A. need 	B. needs	C. needed	D. needing
After the terrible accident, the injured ___ to hospital immediately. 
	A. took	B. had taken	C. was taken	D. were taken
If I had a lot of money, I ___ buy a new car. 
 	A. will buy	B. would buy	C. could bought 	D. would have bought
Over 280,000 people ____ in the tsunami. 
	A. were killed	B. . is killed	C. are killing	D. were killing
I have just received a letter ____ my girl friend. 
	A. from	B. of	C. about 	D. for
Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage. 
Shortly after her marriage, Liz and her husband went to Tanzania, (21)___ he has a job as a teacher. Liz hoped that she would be able to teach after a while. (22)___, on the first day, she was asked (23)__ at the local school despite her valuable university experience. She found the job (24)___ because she had not taught before, and the children were unused to discipline. When she looked back, Liz thought that she didn’t teach (25)____ well. She did not know much about the subjects she was teaching. 
A. when	B. what 	C. where 	D. that 	
A. Because	B. Although	C. But	D. However
A. teach	B. to teach	C. taught	D. teaching
A. difficult	B. difficulty	C. difficultly	D. difficulties
A. especial	B. special	C. particularly	D. particular
Read the text carefully and then choose the correct answers. 
A laser is a device that produces a very special kind of light. Laser are expensive tools. Charles Townes, who is one of the inventors of the laser and won a Nobel Prize, said "Laser is going to touch on a very great number of areas. The laser will do almost everything; but it is expensive. That is the only limitation. " For example, a typical laser costs from 30,000 $ to 50,000 $. It is about a thousand times more than a good conventional scalpel. To be honest, for many operations a scalpel may be better than a laser. But if you have a certain kind of cancer, a laser can do what a scalpel cannot. The laser will kill the diseased cells and leave the healthy ones unharmed. The beam can cut with a precision that no scalpel can do. 
A laser produces ____. 	
	A. tools 	 B. a special light C. inventions 	 D. a device 
In cancer treatment, ___________ . 
	A. a laser will kill the diseased cells and leave the healthy ones unharmed. 	
	B. a scalpel can do nothing 	
	C. a laser will destroy healthy cells. 
	D. a scalpel is the only tool that can be used. 
Which sentence is not true? 
A. The laser cannot be used in cancer treatment
B. Charles Townes won a Nobel Prize 	
	C. The laser will do almost everything 
	D. Charles Townes is one of the inventors of the laser 
What is the limitation of the laser? 
	A. It produces a very special kind of light. 	B. It is expensive 	
	C. It cannot be used in cancer treatment 	D. It cannot be used in operations 
For many operations ,______ . 
	A. a laser does harm to cells. 	B. a scalpel may be more precise than a laser. 
	C. a laser is cheaper than a scalpel. 	D. a scalpel may be better than a laser. 
Error Identification. 
Despite of her difficult living conditions, she worked extremely hard. 
 	A 	B 	C 	D
As soon as I’ll arrive in London, I’ll phone you. 
	A 	B 	C 	D
My daughter was particular impressed by the dancing. 
	A 	B 	C 	D
Look! That man tries to open the door of your car. 
	A 	B 	C 	D
Would you mind to give me a hand ?
	A 	B 	C 	D
Rewrite the following sentences as directed. 	
Nobody has ever seen these documents. 
These documents	
This is the first time I have met him. 
I have never	
They usually walked in the park after dinner. 
They used	
We started learning English seven years ago. 
We have	
What about going to My Khe Beach this weekend?
------THE END------

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