Đề kiểm tra Anh 10 chuẩn - Học kì 1 - Đề số 21

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( Người ra đề : Trần Thị Ngọc Diễm – GV trường THPT Trần Phú )
Subject: English
Duration: 45 minutes
Part I. Phonetics
Exercise 1. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. 	A. little 	B. eaten 	C. click 	D. fit 
2. 	A. work	B. sport 	C. sort	D. form 
3. 	A. talk	B. daughter	C. subtract	D. walk
4. 	A. determine 	B. together 	C. repeat 	D. report 
Exercise 2. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 
5. 	A. repair 	B. thirty 	C. fellow 	D. quarter
6. 	A. consider 	B. important 	C. semester	D. holiday
7. 	D. banana	B. afternoon	C. umbrella	D. tomorrow 
Part II. Vocabulary and Grammar.
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
8. The holiday price is inclusive. So our breakfast is . . . . . . . by the hotel.
A. taken	B. served	C. eaten	D. arranged 
9. . . . . . . . . . class allows students to acquire knowledge about living things.
	A. Geography	 B. Chemistry	C. Biology	D. History
10. A . . . . . is a man whose job is to stop fire from burning. 
	A. fire service	 B. fireplace	C. firewall 	D. fireman 
11. We have our clothes cleaned by the laundry service 
	A. washing	B. emergency	C. traveling 	D. insurance 
12. People ran into the streets in panic after the explosion. 
	A. excitement	 B. fright 	C. surprise 	D. loneliness 
13. An . . . . . to England to visit her friend at the end of this month. 
	A. went	B. has gone	C. goes	D. is going 
14. Before electricity was discovered, oil lamps . . . . . . . 
	A. used 	B. has used	C. has been used 	D. had been used
15. “Why was Mr. Hoa so angry with his student ?”. “Because of . . . . late”.
	A. her to be	B. her being	C. she is 	D. she was
16. I suddenly remembered I . . . . . my wallet on the bus. 
	A. leave	B. had left	C. have left	D. would leave
17. She can’t get home . . . . she has no money.
	A. unless 	B. if 	C. until	D. without 
18. . . . . . playing the guitar very softly, Tom woke his parents up. 
	A. Because	B. Although	C. Because of	 D. In spite of 
19. Several . . . . . in the office . . . . . . . . yesterday
 	A. of floppy disks/were damaged 	B. floppy disks/have been damaged
	C. floppy disks/was damaged 	D. floppy disks/were damaged 
20. My father . . . . . morning exercises.
A. wasn’t used to do	B. didn’t used to doing C. didn’t use to do D. didn’t use to doing 
21. Can you tell me . . . . . . . . ?
	A. which book you want to buy	B. which book you want to buy it
	C. you want to buy which book	D. you want which book to buy
22. It’s a lovely day, but I . . . . . . staying at home with you. 
	A. don’t mind	B. haven’t mind	C. am not mind	D. mind
23. Have you seen his garden ? I . . . . . . the house on Monday but I. . . . . the garden yet. 
A. saw/didn’t see 	B. saw/haven’t seen	
C. have seen/didn’t see 	D. have seen/haven’t seen
Choose one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct
24. He decides to using his computer more carefully after attending some basic course. 
	A	B	 C	D
25. Keep walk until you see the bank ahead of you.
	 A B C D
26. Because a pain in his leg, he walked very slowly.
 A B C D
27. I was told that there would be a very good program on TV tomorrow. 
	A B C D
Part III. Reading 
Exercise 1. Fill in each gap with one suitable to complete the passage.
Do you have someone in your family who makes you laugh ? My mother has two sisters and three brothers. I like them (28). . . . . but my favourite is my (29) . . . . . . Jake. He is a taxi (30) . . . . . in London and he is always telling me stories about his customers. He talks to them and he (31) . . . . . to all their problems. Some are sad (32) . . . . . . many are very funny. 
28:	A. even	B. all	C. same	D. more
29. 	A. cousin	B. nephew	C. uncle 	D. aunt 
30.	A. driver	B. passenger 	C. pilot	D. worker 
31. 	A. listens	B. hears 	C. notice	D. attention 
32. 	A. and	B. but	C. or	D. for 
Exercise 2. Read the passage and choose the best answer. 
Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1982, and went to New York City when she was ten years old. One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor . . . . in 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to continue her education in Paris. She wanted to be a surgeon, but a serious eye infection forced her to give her to give up her idea. After returning to the United States, she realized that it was difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, a long with another female doctor managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children. 
33. Why couldn’t Elizabeth Blackwell realize her dream of becoming a surgeon ?
A. She could get admitted to medical school.
B. She decided to continue her education in Paris.
C. A serious eye infection prevented her. 
D. It was difficult for her to start a practice in the United States. 
34. What was the main reason that made her dream of becoming a doctor impossible ?
A.She was a woman.	
B. She wrote too many letters
C. She couldn’t finish her study at the medical school	
D. She couldn’t set up her own hospital
35. How long was it from her education from medical school to the opening of her hospital ?
A. 8 years	B. 10 years 	
C. 19 years	D. 36 years
Part IV. Writing 
The sentences in italics below are cues. Choose the best way to make a meaningful sentence. 
36. to / first / is / the / he / which / disabled / big / person / is / win / , / surprise / a / the / title /. 
A. He is the best disabled person to win, which is a big surprise.
B. Which is a big surprise is he the first disabled person to win.
C. He is a disabled surprise to win, which is the first big person.
D. He which is the first disabled person to win, is the big surprise. 
37. Writing/advertisement/ I / complain/ which/ am / to / about / the /, / gave wrong/ about / the / English / information / center/. 
A. I am writing to complain about the advertisement, which gave the wrong English information center.
B. I am writing about the advertisement, which gave wrong complain to the English center information. 
C. I am writing about the English center, which gave wrong complain to the advertisement information. 
D. I am writing to complain about the advertisement, which gave wrong information about the English center. 
38. Break / there / used / to / short / be / between / a / tests / the / two / for / relax / students / to /.
A. The break was between the two tests used to be short for students to relax.
B. There used to be a short break between the two tests for students to relax. 
C. The short break between the two tests used to be there for students to relax.
D. There used to be a relax between the two short tests for students to break. 
39. The / would / guide / announced / day/ tour / the / that/ off / at / 8 / bus/ a.m / the / set / next. 
A. The tour guide announced the bus would set off at 8 a.m the next day.
B. The tour guide announced that the bus would set off at 8 a.m the next day. 
C. The tour guide announced that the next day bus would set up at the 8 a.m day.
D. The bus guide announced the tour would set up at 8 a.m the next day. 
40. I / university / get/ will / scholarship/ hard / the/ exam / if / study / to/Oxford/ , / I / the / for/. 
A. If I study hard for the exam, I will get the scholarship to Oxford university.
B. If I study hard for Oxford university, I will get the scholarship to the exam.
C. If I study for Oxford university, I will get the scholarship to the hard exam.
D. If I will study hard for the exam to Oxford university, I get the scholarship. 
1 B
11 A
21 A
31 A
2 A
12 B
22 A
32 B
3 C
13 D
23 B
33 C
4 B
14 D
24 A
34 A
5 A
15 B
25 A
35 A
6 D
16 B
26 A
36 A
7 B
17 B
27 D
37 D
8 B
18 D
28 B
38 B
9 C
19 D
29 C
39 B
10 D
20 C
30 A
40 A
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