Bài tập Trắc nghiệm môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Unit 2: At School

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Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 2 At School
Bài 1. 
1. What’s your favorite _______? _ Oh, Maths, I think. 
A. teacher 	B. friend 	C. subject 	D. letter
2. This is my school_______ . I have Literature on Tuesday. 
A. notebook 	B. timetable 	C. lesson 	D. professor
3. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. mother 	B. thing 	C. Thursday 	D. thirty
4. Which word is the odd one out?
A. book 	B. pencil 	C. friend 	D. ruler
5. Which sentence is correct?
A. No take photographs. 	B. No taking photographs
C. Don’t take photographs 	D. Don’t to take photographs
7. _ What are _______ ? _ They’re pencils. 
A. this 	B. that 	C. those 	D. them
8. They’re my friends. ______ names are Ted and Mark. 
A. Them 	B. They 	C. Theirs 	D. Their
9. _______ students are there in your class? _ Forty
A. Why 	B. How much 	C. How many 	D. Who
10. I live ______ an apartment. 	
A. in 	B. for 	C. up 	D. with
11. _______ your book. 
A. Listen 	B. Stand 	C. Come 	D. Open
12. _______ do you live? _ In Hue city. 
A. Who 	B. Where 	C. When 	D. Why
13. Which word contains the sound / e /?
A. open 	B. ruler 	C. student 	D. desk
14. This is a photo ______ my school. 
A. of 	B. on 	C. up 	D. by
15. What ______ ?
A. does window mean 	B. mean window	
C. it means window 	D. is the meaning window
16. Let’s _____ to the cinema. 
A. going 	B. to go 	C. go 	D. goes
17. _______ ? _ From Japan. 
A. Where are you come from 	B. Where do you come from
C. Where are you coming from 	D. From where you come
18. Which word is the odd one out?
A. pretty 	B. beautiful 	C. sympathetic 	D. good-looking
20. _ What does Ms. Julie do? – She’s ______ teacher at a big school. 
A. one 	B. The	C. a 	D. an
21. Is Elizabeth_______?
A. your old friend 	B. an old your friend
C. an old friend from you 	D. an old friend of yours
22. _ Which pencil do you want? _______
A. That one. 	B. That’s it. 	C. Here is. 	D. Yes, please. 
Bài 2 
1. This is for you and ______ are for your little sister. 
A. there 	B. this 	C. that 	D. those
2. Football, chess and badminton are ______ . 
A. maches 	B. plays 	C. athletics 	D. games
3. Is that ______ house?
A. he 	B. him 	C. she 	D. her
4. Nam gets a letter _______ his sister every week. 
A. from 	B. out 	C. on 	D. up
5. _ What do you do? _ ______
A. I’m thirteen years old. 	B. I’m Bob. 	
C. I’m a student. 	D. I’m in Mrs. Kim’s class. 
6. That is ______ schoolbag. 
A. my 	B. I 	C. me 	D. mine
7. Where ______ Lan and Mai live?
A. is	 B. are 	C. does 	D. do
8. I often go ______ bed at nine o’clock. 
A. to 	B. at 	C. on 	D. in
9. Is ______ your desk?
A. these 	B. that 	C. here 	D. those
10. Do you know _______ ?
A. the address from them 	B. theirs address 
C. there address 	D. their address
11. What is this _______ English?
A. on 	B. in 	C. for 	D. at
12. Which word has three syllables ?
A. eraser 	B. teacher 	C. student 	D. street
13. _______ ? – R_O_S_E, Rose. 
A. Is that your first name 	B. Is your name short
C. How do you spell your name 	D. Do you like your name 
14. Sit ______, please!
A. in 	B. at 	C. on 	D. down
15. ______ fruit is very sweet. 
A. These 	B. This 	C. Those 	D. There
16. _ Is this your pen ? _ _______
A. This is a pen. 	B. It’s apen. 	C. Yes, they are 	D. Yes, it is
17. _______ is that? _ It’s a ruler. 
A. Who 	B. What 	C. Which 	D. Where
18. Where does your sister live ? – She lives ______ a small house on King street. 
A. in 	B. on 	C. with 	D. for
19. Are those his pencils ? ________
A. Yes, it’s. 	B. No, it isn’ t 	
C. Yes, they’re. 	D. No, they aren’t. 
20. What’s her job ? _______ nurse. 
A. She’s 	B. She’s a 	C. Her jobs 	D. She makes a
21. Mary lives _______ her mother and father. 
A. to 	B. by 	C. with 	D. from
Bài 3
1. It is _____ question. 
A. not hard 	B. a easy 	C. an easy 	D. not an hard
2. ______ to school at 6. 30 am. 
A. We go usually 	B. Go we usually 	
C. Usually go we 	D. We usually go
3. Are these ______ notebooks ?
A. yours 	B. your 	C. of you the 	D. you’re
4. Mike is ______ school. 
A. on the 	B. to 	C. at 	D. on
5. Where’s my English book? ________
A. Here is. 	B. Here you are. 	C. This one. 	D. I have. 
6. We live near ______ a supermarket. 
A. of 	B. from 	C. by 	D. _
7. Have some biscuits. _______ 
A. Thank you very much. 	B. Thank very much. 
C. Thanks you very much. 	D. Very much thanks. 
8. Which sentence is correct ?
A. What the time is it? 	B. What the time?
C. How late is the time? 	D. What time is it?
9. Who are all ______ people?
A. this 	B. that	 C. those 	D. them
10. _ Goodbye! _ Goodbye! _______ later!
A. I see you 	B. To see you 	C. We see you 	D. See you
11. They live about twenty kilometers ______ here. 
A. away from	B. away of 	C. near 	D. near from
12. Bob and Ted have a sister. _______ Jane. 
A. Their name is 	B. Her name is 	C. His name is 	D. Its name is
13. ______ many students in your class?
A. Have there 	B. Is it 	C. Are there 	D. Are they
14. _______ that!
A. Do not 	B. Don’t 	C. Not to do 	D. Don’t do
15. I often spend two hours ______ my homework. 
A. for do 	B. doing	 C. to do 	D. for doing
16. Which sentence is correct?
A. What age have you? 	B. How old you are ? 	
C. How old are you? 	D. A & C

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