Bài tập bổ trợ nâng cao môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 - Test 10 (Có đáp án)

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1. I'm........that something terrible is going to happen if I'm not very careful.
A. scary 	B. frightened 	C. dreaded 	D. feared
2........of all of us who are here tonight, I would like to thank Mr Jones for his talk. 
A. On behalf 	B. On account 	C. In person 	D. Instead
3. He has just taken an examination.....chemistry.
A. on 	B. about 	C. for 	D. in
4. I live.......18 Pham Ngu Lao Street.
A. in 	B. at 	C. on 	D. during
5. It was raining very.....so I took my umbrella.
A. wet 	B. badly 	C. hard 	D. firmly
6. Would you please be kind enough to.......me to the station?
A. direct 	B. show 	C. tell 	D. instruct
7. While in hospital, he was cured.......his drinking habit.
A. from 	B. with 	C. of 	D. on
8. She won't be.......until she gets what she wants.
A. excited 	B. satisfied 	C. thrilled 	D. glad
9. I bought this grammar book.....I could go over all the things we have studied this year.
A. so far as 	B. that 	C. seeing that 	D. so that
10.The instructor warned the students.....sailing alone on the lake.
A. about 	B. not 	C. from 	D. out of
11. Excuse me, but there is something about.......immediately.
A. that I must speak to you about	B. which I must speak to you about it
C. which I must speak to you	D. that I must speak to you
12. Her car's outside so I suppose she.....have arrived.
A. must 	B. can 	C. should 	D. would
13. I like to.....the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every day.
A. fill 	B. do 	C. make 	D. answer
14. I turned on the fan.......the room was hot.
A. due to 	B. despite 	C. even though 	D. because
15. He was clearly.......to see her again.
A. delightful 	B. cheerful 	C. delighted 	D. cheered
16.......playing professional basketball, she also enjoys tennis.
A. Together 	B. Moreover 	C. Apart 	D. Besides
17. ......I am aware, there were no problems during the first sbi months.
A. Except that 	B. As far as 	C. Much more than 	D. So much as
18. Take.......bus comes first. They all go to the station.
A. whichever 	B. wherever 	C. however 	D. whenever
19. The 10% discount is only applicable.....items costing over $100.
A. on 	B. for 	C. against 	D. to
20. "Well, the fact is - I took the money from the safe!" .....the bank clerk.
A. apologized 	B. regretted 	C. confessed 	D. entreated
21. Take my......., young man, and don't drive so fast.
A. emphasis 	B. lesson 	C. advice 	D. notice
22. I don't know what was wrong with her tonight. She's usually quite......
A. pleased 	D. glad 	C. satisfied 	D. cheerful
23. I'd like to......this old car for a new model but I can't afford it.
A. exchange 	B. interchange 	C. replace 	D. convert
24. Unfortunately I must have moved the camera, because the picture is rather.......
A. vague 	B. confused 	C. blurred 	D. scratched
25. He lent me a book by Hemingway, .......I found very interesting.
A. that 	B. which 	C. what 	D. of which
26. The existence of the planet Pluto was not.....until this century.
A. discovered 	B. explored 	C. invented 	D. identified
27. The newsreader reported the......information about the election.
A. last 	B. latest 	C. late 	D. newest
28. "Why does Helen do so well at school?" ~ "Because she is all.......in class."
A. heads 	B. senses 	C. hands 	D. ears
29. He's been rather.......since his wife died.
A. alone 	B. lone 	C. lonely 	D. solo
30. She has the.....to be a great dancer.
A. possibility 	B. ability 	C. prospect 	D. quality
31. All the single rooms are the.....size.
A. like 	B. similar 	C. equal 	D. same
32. Alice.......there yesterday, but we didn't see her.
A. might have been 	B. might be 	C. should be 	D. must have to be
33. The twins look so.......their father.
A. likely 	B. likeness 	C. like 	D. alike
34.The greater the demand,.....the price.
A. higher 	B. the higher 	C. the high 	D. high
35. His mother.......to be more careful in his choice of words.
A. warned to him 	B. said him	C. suggested him 	D. advised him
36. The film was very powerful and we were all.......by it; in fact it made most of us cry!
A. touched 	B. upset 	C. moved 	D. fed up
37. You must pay import ........ on certain goods brought into this country.
A. duties 	B. surcharges 	C. fees 	D. supplements
38. A well-meaning passer-by gave the tourists a wrong......, and they finished up at the zoo instead of the museum.
A. way 	B. advice 	C. information 	D. direction
39. We are never so happy or unhappy as we imagine.....
A. to be 	B. ourselves to be 	C. so 	D. to be
40. We always spent our summer holidays........when we were children. 
A. at the seaside 	B. at the country 	C. in the beach 	D. in the sea
41. She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of a power.......
A. lack 	B. absence 	C. failure 	D. shortage
42. The boy screamed for help but couldn't........
A. hear him 	B. make him heard 	C. make himself hear 	D. make himseelf heard
43. He's a really........person. He talks all the time but he never says anything interesting.
A. bored 	B. boring 	C. fed up 	D. annoyed
44. I'm going to buy a cheap pair of....to wear on the beach.
A. slippers 	B. sweaters 	C. socks 	D. sandals
45. The cathedral is....in the centre of the city.
A. positioned 	B. placed 	C. situated 	D. localised
46. The car was repaired but not quite to the owner's........
A. satisfaction 	B. pleasure 	C. regard 	D. joy
47. A.......woman is needed to take care of two small children.
A. confident 	B. reliable 	C. confidential 	D. faithful
48. Have you......the new Picasso exhibition yet?
A. looked at 	B. watched 	C. noticed 	D. seen
49. Jane was not.......the landlady had imagined she was.
A. only 	B. what 	C. at all 	D. that
50. Thank you very much for the card you sent me while I was in hospital. It was very.......of you.
A. grateful 	B. generous 	C. thoughtful 	D. appreciative
51. They live in a very.......populated area of Italy.
A. barely 	B. scarcely 	C. hardly 	D. sparsely
52. He finished the paintings.......for the exhibition.
A. in good time 	B. for the time being C. from time to time 	D. time after time
53. This house has been up......sale for over a year now.
A. in 	B. for 	C. at 	D. to
54. We must.......our minds about where to go for our holidays this year.
A. make out 	B. make for 	C. make off 	D. make up
55. The teacher told me that I was doing well, .......my final gradewas awful! 
A. so 	B. therefore 	C. yet 	D. in spite of
56. I read a book about Picasso, ........
A. a Spanish painter 	B. is a Spanish painter	
C. who a Spanish painter is 	D. that is a Spanish painter
57. You could at least show your mother some.......for all the things she's done for you.
A. kindness 	B. consideration 	C. sympathy 	D. gratitude
58. My washing machine has......., so I'm going to the launderette.
A. gone out 	B. broken down 	C. run down 	D. worn out
59. The Finance Minister will be making a.....today about new rates of income tax. 
A. statement 	B. notice 	C. talk 	D. declaration
60. .......through a telescope, the planets take on a completely new appearance. 
A. Seeing 	B. To see 	C. Seen 	D. On seeing
61. The local people were not very friendly towards us, in fact there was a distinctly.......atmosphere.
A. rude 	B. offensive 	C. hostile 	D. abrupt
62. This food tastes terrible! I couldn't eat it.......I were starving.
A. even if 	B. because 	C. after 	D. only when
63. Before Jennifer won the lottery, she......any kind of contest.
A. hasn't entered 	B. hadn't entered 	C. wasn't entering 	D. didn't enter
64. We've got a very.......teacher, who doesn't mind if we're a bit late.
A. broad-minded 	B. open-minded 	C. tolerated 	D. easygoing
65. He recommended that she finish.......her composition as soon as possible.
A. writing 	B. written 	C. having written 	D. to write
 Years ago, people (66).......buy what they needed from stories and markets. They bought canned food and drinks from stores, bread from a bakery, cooking pots and tools from hardware shops and mea and vegetables from markets. Now where would you go if you wanted to buy all these goods at one time? Ask (67)....... , and he would probably say, "You'd better go to the supermarket."
 A supermarket is a special kind of market. It is usually much larger than a(n) (68).......store. In a supermarket, you can buy all kinds of food, (69).......products and daily necessities. In a store, a customer is served by a store-keeper but in a supermarket, the goods are arranged (70).......on rows of shelves along the aisles. The prices are printed on small (71).......on the goods. A customer gets the goods he needs from the shelves. This is known as self-service. Of course, you can always (72).......for help from the supermarket shop-assistants.
 When you enter a supermarket, you take a basket to carry the goods you will buy. If you plan to buy a lot of things, you will need a trolley. A trolley is like a large basket (73).......wheels. You can push it along the aisles, choose what you want from the shelves and put it into your trolley. A supermarket often (74).......a more comfortable environment for shopping than a market which is usually wet and dirty. As a result, many people usually buy more (75).......than they need when they visit a supermarket.
66. A. might 	B. used to 	C. ought to 	D. could 
67. A. somebody 	B. them 	C. people 	D. anybody 
68. A. ordinary 	B. common 	C. average 	D. normal 
69. A. domestic 	B. internal 	C. household 	D. indoors 
70. A. orderly 	B. tidily 	C. neatly 	D. straightly 
71. A. forms 	B. cards 	C. coupons 	D. labels 
72. A. require 	B. ask 	C. beg 	D. shout 
73. A. on 	B. over 	C. without 	D. above 
74. A. supplies 	B. gives 	C. provides 	D. devotes 
75. A. items 	B. articles 	C. objects 	D. goods
 More than two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered with water. Water is essential to life. Neither plants nor animals can live without it.
 Although we are surrounded by water, only less than three per cent of this water is fresh water, which is important to us. We need fresh water to irrigate our crops, and plants and animals need it to survive.
 Water has become one of the most important sources of energy. In the olden days, we used steam to move engines of ships and trains. Then we discovered hydro-electricity. This meant that there was no need to burn fuel to produce electricity. Fast-running water turned the turbo engine and this in turn produced energy like electricity. There was less pollution in the process. Later, we built dams along rivers to ensure that there was fast-running water and we also made use of tidal waves.
 Sad to say, man has polluted the water which he needs. For years, we have been polluting our water. We use water to flush our waste and we use rivers as sewers to carry our wastes away. We dump rubbish into the lakes and oceans, thinking that it will be safe. Not only that, many industries have dumped unwanted chemicals and toxic substances into the sea. This is because it is cheaper than recycling.
 Old slicks are another major problem. The oil does not degenerate but floats on the surface and prevents oxygen from entering the sea. Thousands of aquatic animals and birds have died because of this.
 We must protect the water from further pollution or we will be the ones to suffer for our ignorance.
76. About.......of the earth's surface is approximately made up of land.
A. one whole 	B. two-thirds 	C one-third 	D. half
77. Water is precious though it is in abundance because........
A. water can only be used once	B. it is salt water and not fresh water that is in abundance 
C. water is very hard to produced	D. water turns bad easily
78. Besides enabling our survival, water can also be used........
A. to produce electricity 	B. as a sewage system
C. to wash waste materials 	D. as a dumping ground 
79. In the passage, "toxic" means....... .
A. harmless 	B. healthy 	C. poisonous 	D. suffocating
80. People treat the ocean as a dumping ground........
A. so that the refuse will dissolve in the ocean	B. because the ocean is vast and has ňo other uses
C. so that the fish can eat the refuse	D. so as to cut costs
The End

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