Bài kiểm tra 15 phút môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 - Đề số 2 - Khuong Thuong Junior High School

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Khuong Thuong secondary school
 ENGLISH 7 (No.2)
 (Time allowance: 15 minutes)
Full name:  Class: 7A 
I. Find the words which has a different sound in the part underline. 
A. abundant	B. traffic	C. band	 	D. biogas
 A. decided	B. played	C. listened	D. enjoyed
A. plays	B. looks	C. wants	D. helps
II. Find the words which has a different stress pattern. 
A. exist	B. avoid	C. support	 	D. notice
A. hungry	 	B. disease	C. spacious	D. danger
III. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences. 
__________ getting up late, I arrived on time.
A. Despite	B. In spite of	C. However	D. Although
I spent two hours___________ that letter.
A. to write	B. write	C. writing	D. for writing
Nuclear power ...............................in the future.
A. will replace	B. replaced	C. will be replaced	D. replaces
My father .............a lot last year, but this year he doesn’t any more.
A. smokes	B. used to smoke	C. smoking	D. gets used to smoke
It’s really difficult to .......................a bicycle up the hill
A. fly	B. drive	C. pedal	D. sail
At this time next week, we .................a test on sources of energy
A. will take	B. take	C. will be taking	D. are taking
My children often sleep while they are ................a plane.
	A. in	B. on	C. by	D. 0
............books are here. ..............are there.
A.Theirs / ours	B. Their / our	C. Theirs / our	D. Their / ours
The city is facing serious ____________ problems.
A. polluted	B. polluting	C. pollute	D. pollution
Over population is causing __________ problems than we can imagine.
A. more	B. less	C. fewer	D. worse
IV. Complete the sentences, using the word(s) from the cued pictures. 
Solar panel is installed on the _ _ _ _ of a house to receive the energy from the sun.
The personal hover _ _ _ _ _ _ _ floats above the ground.
A _ _ _ _ can float.
Solar _ _ _ _ _ _ can be cheap, clean and effective.
It is dangerous if these _ _ _ _ _ _ crash land.

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