Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 THPT năm học 2013 – 2014 môn: tiếng Anh (môn chuyên)

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 TP HỒ CHÍ MINH NĂM HỌC 2013 – 2014 
 MÔN: TIẾNG ANH (môn chuyên) 
 ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề 
1. The greyback beetle is a ________ threat to sugar-cane crops throughout the world. 
A. serious B. strict C. harmful D. disadvantaged 
2. John tried to remember his aunt’s address, but it had completely ________ out of his mind. 
A. flew B. pushed C. gone D. left 
3. Charles Dickens ________ use of his unhappy childhood in his novels. 
A. made B. took C. put D. had 
4. Mother Teresa, who was born in Albania, became a nun ________ twelve. 
A. aging B. at the age of C. of the age D. at aged 
5. Though her house looked quite new and in good condition, there was a ________ carpet on the stairs. 
A. brand-new B. laid-out C. done-up D. worn-out 
6. I’m looking forward ________ my aunt in New York for a couple of weeks. 
A. to visit B. to visiting C. visiting D. to the visit 
7. The most impressive profile ________ to the editors belonged to a ninety-year-old lady. 
A. which was sent B. sending C. that was sent D. having sent 
8. We had to contend ________ some difficult driving conditions in Lapland. 
A. on B. for C. to D. with 
9. After retiring, I decided to ________ gardening. 
A. go over B. get at C. take up D. come up with 
10. Let’s ________ a glass and drink to the happy couple! 
A. raise B. tinkle C. toast D. cheer 
11. I have stored up so many memories over the years. Each picture is ________ with one incident in my life. 
A. combined B. faced C. associated D. coincided 
12. Please don’t talk about that day – I want to ________ it all behind me. 
A. put B. make C. drop D. leave 
13. Don’t add too much water ________ the yeast. It’ll be spoiled. 
A. for B. to C. in D. with 
14. Earthquakes sometimes come so soon ________. 
A. one and another B. one after another C. one after the others D. one or another 
15. I do hope that the crisis will ________ out the best in our team. 
A. get B. try C. make D. bring 
16. If you ________ the speed limit, you will be fined. 
A. pass B. overtake D. spoil D. break 
17. ________ its rigid home on its back, the land tortoise is well protected from predators. 
A. Having carried B. It carries C. Carrying D. To carry 
18. I’d rather ________ television, the programs seem to get worse. 
A. read than watch B. read to watch C. reading to watching D. reading than watching 
19. Mark often attempts to escape ________ whenever he breaks traffic regulations. 
A. having been fined B. to have been fined C. to be fined D. being fined 
20. If I had remembered ________ the window, the thief would not have got in. 
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A. to close B. closing C. to have closed D. having closed 
21. It goes without ________ that you’ll be paid for all this extra time you’re spending on this project. 
A. telling B. saying C. mentioning D. wondering 
22. The Boston Marathon ________ every April on Patriot’s Day attracts thousands of runners and tourists. 
A. is held B. was held C. held D. holding 
23. ________ that you can get some kind of grant for your studies. 
A. There are little chances 
B. The chaces are few 
C. The chance is little 
D. There is little chance 
24. ________, we would have lost the game. 
A. Had it not been for Mike’s support 
B. Were Mike not to support us 
C. If Mike didn’t support us 
D. Without Mike’s support us 
25. Some people find it ________ to draw mind maps when they are studying than to take traditional notes. 
A. so useful B. most useful C. quite useful D. more useful 
26. ________ this workshop, you will know how to analyze large amounts of numerical data. 
A. Completed B. You have completed C. Being completed D. On completing 
27. - Are you going to the volleyball match? - ________ 
A. You bet! B. I do. C. Yes, please. D. That’s alright. 
28. Have you ever experienced your mind ________ blank during an exam? 
A. going B. go C. to go D. gone 
29. ________ I could not put it down until I finished it. 
A. The article was such interesting that 
B. It was so interesting article 
C. So interesting the article was that 
D. Such was an interesting article that 
30. If we had speculated how difficult the situation would be, things ________ different now. 
A. would have been B. will be C. are D. would be 
31. ________ all the shareholders, I would like to express our great thanks to you. 
A. In view of B. On behalf of C. With respect to D. In advance of 
32. We heard the ________ sound of three military aircraft hovering above our heads. 
A. humming B. melodious C. deafening D. dull 
33. -________? - I am a press photographer. 
A. What’s job B. How do you do C. What are you doing D. How do you earn a living 
34. She is said ________ in all the assignments before the deadlines. 
A. to have handed B. to handed C. handing D. that she has handed 
35. It is required that every student ________ basic knowledge of the nation’s history and geography. 
 A. masters B. master C. should be mastered D. is mastering 
36. The research project done into the history of our school was supposed ________ in English. 
A. written B. to write C. writing D. to be written 
37. Get one more copy of the page ________ you need it later for reviewing. 
A. so that B. while C. and D. in case 
38. These athletes, ________ have been interviewed on TV a few times, are quite popular in town. 
A. whom B. that C. who D. whose 
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39. It’s highly likely that the orchestra ________ two performances this week. 
A. are going to give B. will give C. have given D. gives 
40. ________, Barbara can sing out the notes clearly and accurately. 
A. Though she was a young infant 
B. Young infant as she is 
C. She is a young infant 
D. Though a young infant 
=> Câu này theo tôi có vấn đề: Cả 4 đáp án đều trật, không phù hợp ngữ pháp. Nên có một đáp án thế 
này: Despite/In spite of a young infant thì câu sẽ hợp nghĩa và cũng đúng ngữ pháp. 
Psychologists have (1) _______ known that having a set of cherished companions is crucial to mental well-
being. In addition, a recent study by Australian investigators concluded that our friends even help to (2) 
_______ our lives. The scientists analysed data from a decade-long survey called the Australian Longitudinal 
Study of Aging, which was initiated in 1992. It concentrated (3) _______ the social environment, general 
health, lifestyle and age of death of 1,477 persons older than 70 years. Study participants were asked how much 
personal and telephone (4) _______ they had with friends, children, relatives and acquaintances. Researchers 
were surprised to learn that friendships increase life (5) _______ to a far greater (6) _______ than, say, frequent 
contact with children and other relatives. This benefit held true even after these friends had moved away to 
another city and was (7) _______ of factors such as socioeconomic status, health and way of life. What (8) 
_______ has this effect on longevity? Apparently, scientists posit, it is not (9) ________ the mutual buoying of 
spirits that occurs among associates. What is more important is that the support (10) _______ and received by 
friends is voluntary and pleasurable and not just the result of (11) _______of study or convention. In (12) 
_______ to our families, we were able to choose our friends. According to the Australian scientists, the ability 
to have relationships with people to whom one is important has a (13) ______ effect on physical and mental 
health. Stress and tendency towards depression are reduced, and behaviors that are (14) _______ to health, such 
as smoking and drinking, occur less frequently. It is speculated that in times of hardship, our support networks 
can raise our (15) _______ and feelings of self-worth and offer helpful strategies for dealing with difficult 
personal challenges. 
1. A. once B. long C. yet D. soon 
2. A. prolong B. lengthen C. stretch D. expand 
3. A. in B. with C. on D. at 
4. A. link B. number C. relationship D. contact 
5. A. expectation B. length C. expectancy D. age 
6. A. level B. extent C. degree D. amount 
7. A. aware B. conscious C. independent D. full 
8. A. exactly B. casually C. luckily D. finally 
9. A. merely B. completely C. totally D. readily 
10. A. made B. taken C. given D. enjoyed 
11. A. hint B. piece C. fraction D. sense 
12. A. reference B. recognition C. contrast D. answer 
13. A. positive B. pleased C. satisfactory D. keen 
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14. A. poisonous B. beneficial C. complicated D. damaging 
15. A. manners B. moods C. natures D. characteristics 
1. A million of tourists from all over the world visit New York every year. => of 
2. The roles of people in society have changed, and so are the rules of conduct in certain situations. => have 
3. It should not be assumed that lower the price, the happier the buyer. => the lower 
4. Measles have not yet been eradicated because of controversially concerning immunization. => has 
5. The rings of Saturn are too distant to be seen from earth without a telescope. => from the Earth 
6. Paper was expensive during the Middle Ages that it had to be used sparingly. => so expensive 
7. It is obvious that the choice of restaurant for the anniversary’s meal is entirely your. => yours 
8. He mustn’t have made the presentation because he was not a senior member of the staff. => couldn’t 
9. Never before have I seen the children who are so well-behaving and encouraging. => well-behaved 
10. Football fans in their thousands are queuing in line outside the stadium for tickets. => up 
The development of so-called keyhole surgery means that the surgeon’s knife may soon disappear altogether as 
it is replaced by miniature cameras, microscopic scissors and staplers. Instead of making long cuts in the 
patient’s body, surgeons look at the site through an “endoscope”, or operating telescope. This is passed into the 
body through a small hole that will barely leave a scar. As long as the operation is carried out skillfully by an 
experienced surgeon, keyhole surgery damages the patient far less than a conventional operation. “Minimal 
access surgery is a real breakthrough,” says Alf Cuschieri, a leading endoscopic surgeon. “I wish we’d 
developed it years ago. Not only does it reduce the trauma to the patient – it also means that we no longer have 
to make major incisions to perform major operations.” The viewing technology that allows doctors to see what 
is happening deep inside the human body has been borrowed from the aerospace industry. Although in the 
1960s flexible scopes were developed by technicians in order to check engine interiors without them having to 
be taken apart, today’s endoscopes are not just simple tubes you can see through; they are equipped with very 
small television cameras. An image of the operation – magnified eight times – is transmitted by the camera onto 
a strategically placed TV screen. Doctors and nurses needn’t crowd round to look into the wound. Instead, they 
keep their eyes on the screen with straight backs and plenty of elbow room. As surgeons cannot work in the 
dark, light is beamed into the area of the body being operated on through optical fibers – strands of special 
glass, each as thin as a human hair, through which light travels. Keyhole surgeons hope that miniaturization 
will make it possible for patients to have their operations performed by robots small enough to crawl through 
the patient’s body. Despite the fact that, until now, even the smallest robots have been too large to be exploited 
in endoscopic surgery, in Massachusetts the Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 
Laboratory is working on ever-smaller miniature and micro robots. These robots could be used for filming, 
taking biopsy specimens or on-the-spot analysis. One of the most exciting future developments involves tele-
surgery, where doctors will operate by remote control. This means that a patient can be operated on by two 
surgeons who are hundreds of kilometers away from each other – and from the patient! Some believe that such 
techniques will have been perfected in the next ten years or so. 
1. What is the main topic of the passage? 
A. How to operate an endoscope. 
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B. Different uses of optical fibers. 
C. Robots used in medicine in the future. 
D. How surgery can benefit from new technology 
2. Which of the following terms is defined in the passage? 
A. miniature camera B. stapler C. endoscope D. a human hair 
3. What does the word “conventional” mean? 
A. early B. small C. traditional D. convenient 
4. According to the passage, which statement is true? 
A. Keyhole surgery cannot be used in major operations. 
B. Keyhole surgeons have to keep straight backs and should not enjoy plenty of elbow room. 
C. The smallest robots have long been exploited in endoscopic surgery. 
D. The viewing technology that endoscopic doctors are making use of has been borrowed from the 
aerospace industry. 
5. According to the passage, Alf Cuschieri _______. 
A. is the father of keyhole surgery 
B. wished that endoscopic surgery had been developed earlier 
C. is a leading technician in telesurgery 
D. is experimenting with microrobots operated by remote control 
6. What was the main use of flexible scopes in the 1960s? 
A. to check the inside of an engine 
B. to see what is happening deep inside the human body 
C. to film, take biopsy specimens or on-the-spot analysis 
D. to transmit images onto a strategically placed TV screen 
7. Compared to the original image, how large is the image of the operation transmitted by the camera onto a 
strategically placed TV screen? 
A. eight times reduced B. eight times enlarged C. the same D. as many times at will 
8. Which of the following statements is not true about optical fibers? 
A. they are strands of special glass 
B. they are equipped with television cameras 
C. they are as thin as a human hair 
D. they can carry light into an area of the body 
9. Which of the following is not mentioned as one of the advantages of keyhole surgery? 
A. rarely leaving a scar 
B. making smaller incisions to perform major operations 
C. allowing surgeons to work in the dark 
D. damaging the patient far less 
10. What can we expect for future surgery? 
A. Surgery will be carried out by microrobots only. 
B. Two patients can be operated at the same time. 
C. The surgeon can operate on a patient from a distance. 
D. Keyhole surgery will become successful. 
1. Foreign language learning is inarguably/unarguably an issue that has attracted a lot of attention. (ARGUE) 
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2. Expenditure on wildlife protection has been cut to an irreducible minimum due to the economic crisis. 
3. Besides traditional courses and discussions, our teachers may sometimes conduct online tutorials. (TUTOR) 
4. The destruction caused by Alzheimer’s disease has been likened to the erasure of a hard drive, beginning with 
the most recent files and working backward. (ERASE) 
5. The strikers of our home team played outstandingly well during the last match. We scored four goals. 
6. The invulnerability of the Roman fortifications was one of their prides during the war. (VULNERABLE) 
7. He insisted that his project be prioritized by the Council thought it was costly and impractical. (PRIOR) 
8. Though she tried to keep calm, I noticed some urgency in her voice. (URGENT) 
9. Compared to foreign universities, Vietnamese universities are still ill-equipped to meet a great number of 
students. (EQUIP) 
10. Michael Jackson’s first two music videos were joint effort with the Hollywood director John Landis. 
11. I am afraid that you have been misinformed about the schedule. The key speech will be on Friday, not 
today. (INFORM) 
12. Inexperienced as Joe is, he is quite reliable and trustworthy. (EXPERIENCE) 
13. Unicorns and dragons are just Asian imaginary and legendary animals. (IMAGINE) 
14. A popular type of vaccine contains living micro-organisms that have been caused harmless. (ORGANIC) 
15. The suspect was questioned why there was no entry in his diary that day. (ENTER) 
For millions of people, the Internet has opened (1) up a new whole world. From their personal computers they 
are ordering books, (2) designing greeting cards and finding out about literally anything on Earth. For students 
it is invaluable for homework, for (3) travelers/tourists it makes planning and booking astonishingly easy, while 
for many others it is a great way of keeping in (4) touch with family and friends or, indeed, making new friends. 
It is, in short, a wonderful resource for obtaining information, getting things (5) done and communicating with 
others. And yet it is also creating one of the (6) fastest-growing social problems of our time: Internet (7) 
addition. A recent study involving Internet users from all over the world found that 50 percent of them claimed 
to be addicted, spending an (8) average of over 60 hours per week on-line. Some of these reported routinely 
logging (9) in/on as soon as they arrived home from work, university or school, often remaining on-line (10) 
till/until the smallest hours. “Sometimes I am feeling absolutely exhausted, dying to go to bed” said one 
respondent, “but then I think to (11) myself I’ll just try one more page, it might be really good. And then I think 
the same about the next page. And the next. And so on.” The study showed no (12) difference in the rate of 
addiction between men and women and revealed that many heavy users simply lost (13) track of time. In 
extreme cases, they began to neglect themselves, their families and their friends, apparently preferring the 
company of their computer to (14) that of the other people. They were found to be more (15) likely to be 
depressed than moderate users. 
1. It’s up to you to decide the way you want to live your life. DEPENDS 
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How to live your life depends on your decision. 
2. You’ve got to accept that you are too old for that sort of activity. GROWN 
It’s time you accepted that you have grown out of that sort of activity. 
3. So proud was Nina of her culinary skills that everybody felt irritated. PRIDE 
Nina took such pride in her culinary skills that everybody felt irritated. 
4. Only a week later did we realize what had happened. FOLLOWING 
It wasn’t until the following week that we realized what had happened. 
5. I have never seen a dancer as talented as Helena. FAR 
Helena is a far more talented dancer than anyone else. 
Helena is the most talented dancer I have ever seen so far. 
Helena is by far the most talented dancer I have ever seen. 
6. I didn’t know who painted this, but he was a genius. ARTIST 
Whoever the artist of the painting is, he was/must have been a genius. 
7. Bad salary is usually the reason for the workers’ threat to the strike. ACCOUNT 
The workers usually go on strike on account of bad salary. 
8. If only I had told the star how much I enjoyed meeting him. PLEASURE 
I regret not telling/having told the star how much pleasure I took in meeting him. 
9. The young girl stopped working though the salary was very high. GAVE 
No matter how high the salary was, the young girl gave up working. 
10. After he had sent me the note, he left the town forever. GOOD 
Having sent me the note, he left the town for good. 
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