Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi tỉnh lớp 10 THPT năm học 2013 - 2014 môn thi: Tiếng Anh

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NĂM HỌC 2013-2014
Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút
Ngày thi: 04/4/2014
(Đề thi gồm có 06 trang)
Học sinh làm bài vào tờ giấy thi.
Phần trắc nghiệm: Chỉ cần viết chữ cái A, hoặc B, C, D.
Phần tự luận: Viết đầy đủ theo yêu cầu của bài.
(Thí sinh không được sử dụng bất cứ tài liệu gì.)
Hướng dẫn làm bài Nghe: 
Bài Nghe gồm có 02 phần, mỗi phần thí sinh được nghe 02 lần.Mở đầu và kết thúc mỗi phần nghe có tín hiệu nhạc.
	Mọi hướng dẫn cho thí sinh (bằng tiếng Anh) có trong bài.
Part 1: Listen and fill in each blank in the passage below with the missing information (10 points):
In 1997 the crew of a Japanese (1) _______ were rescued after their boat had sunk in very unusual (2) _______. According to the fishermen, the boat had been sailing in (3) _______ when a cow fell from the sky and (4) _______ through the boat. Unfortunately the Police thought the crew had made the (5) _______ up and arrested them. They remained (6) _______ while the police tried to work out why the boat had sunk. (7) _______, the pilot of a Russian transport plane told the police what had happened. Before they took off from their Siberian airbase the plane's crew (8) _______ some cows from a nearby field. While they were flying at (9) _______ feet, one cow broke free and started running around inside the plane. The crew managed (10) _______ it out of the door and into the sea -or so they thought.
Part 2: Listen to the recording and decide whether the statements are True (T) or False (F) (5 points):
11. His home phone number is 730453.
12. He works as a stylist.
13. The size of the car engine is one thousand two hundred ccs.
14. The car was made in 1987.
15. He last made his insurance claim in 1999.
B. PHONETICS: Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from that of the others (5 points):
16. 	A. importance	B. instruction	C. possession	D. scholarship
17. 	A. information	B. mausoleum	C. corresponding	D. architecture
18. 	A. characteristic	B. governmental	C. documentary	D. confidential
19. 	A. short-coming	B. leopard	C. personify	D. kindergarten
20. 	A. interview	B. industry	C. essential	D. difficult	
I. Choose the word, phrase of expression which best completes each sentence (20 points):
21. The explorers were surprised that the hill was _______way from their camp.
	A. such long	B. so long	C. such a long 	D. so a long
22. Though very busy, Sarah tried to set _______ two hours a week for practicing aerobic.
	A. about	B. down	C. aside	D. in
23. As Henry was walking through the halls of the school where he used to learn, he became _______, remembering his old friends and teachers.
	A. nostalgic	B. regretful	C. cautious 	D. ambitious
24. _______ by the angry people, the Mayor promised to resign from office.
	A. Surrounding	B. Surrounded	C. To be surrounded	D. Having surrounded
25. It is very important for a firm or a company to _______changes in the market.
	A. keep track with	B. keep pace of	C. keep pace with	D. keep in touch with
26. No one is allowed to drive _______ the influence _______ alcohol.
	A. under / by	B. in / of	C. under / of	D. by / in
27. Five people were seriously _______ in an accident on the motorway last night.
	A. wounded	B. spoiled	C. damaged	D. injured
28. My friend could not afford that camera because he had _______ money.
	A. a lot of	B. little	C. few	D. a little
29. _______ up early, I would have missed the train.
	A. Had I not got	B. If I did not get	C. If I had got	D. Hadn’t I got
30. Although Tommy had not seen his cousin for nearly 15 years, they _______ each other immediately.
	A. recognized	B. had recognized	C. was recognizing	D. was recognized
31. Jack: “Ben is in hospital now. He broke his leg while he was skiing yesterday.”
 Lily: “_______”	
Oh, does he?	B. Poor him!	C. How terrific!	D. Poor it!
32. Betty: “Your house is terrific, Mike!”	Mike: “_______”
	A. Yes, that’s right!	B. Yes, of course! 	
C. Thanks! I had it redecorated last week.	D. Thanks! You can say that again!
33. Professor: “Does the global warming worry you?”	Student: “_______”
	A. What a shame, Sir!	B. You must be kidding, Sir!
	C. I cannot bear to think about it, Sir.	D. I don’t like hot weather, Sir!
34. Waiter: “Can I have your order, Madam?”	Mrs. Brown: “_______”
	A. Just some beef for the main course.	B. I’ll do it right away.
	C. Just do whatever you want to.	D. That’s very kind of you!
35. Boy: “Elizabeth Taylor! I haven’t seen you for ages.”	Girl: “_______.”
	A. Tom Cruise! Are you a doctor?	B. I’m Elizabeth.
	C. Tom Cruise! You’ve changed so much.	D. How do you do?
36. The facilities of the old sports center _______ the new one.
	A. are as good as or better than 	B. are as good or as better than 
	C. is as good or better than 	D. are as good as or better than those of 
37. In the early 19th century, both economic and mechanical development _______ for the quick spread of railroads.
	A. stood 	B. asked	C. accounted	D. applied
38. The coach, together with his players, _______ not attending the press conference tomorrow.
	A. is	B. are	C. will be	D. is about to	
39. “_______I would like to do now is to sit down and have some water,” cried out Mr. Thomson.
	A. What	B. Which	C. The thing what	D. The one what
40. _______ many other boys in my village, I often spend my weekend flying kites on the field.
	A. The same	B. Alike	C. Dislike	D. Like
II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets (5 points):
41. Everyone was extremely impressed by the boy’s _______ talent.
42. Tomorrow, I will no longer be a foreigner in this country. I am receiving my _______.
43. The Cambodian people _______ in this village are subsidized by the government.
44. It is becoming_______ obvious that the new Law on Income Tax will be passed.
45. Could you please tell us the differences between _______ mushrooms and edible ones?
III. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting (5 points):
46. I believe that the future plane will be perfectly capable to carry more than 1,000 passengers.
 A B C D
47. Chemical engineering is based on the principles of physics, chemists, and mathematics.
 A B C D
48. Florence Sabin is known not only for her theoretical research in anatomy and philosophy as well as for her 
 A B C
work in public health.
49. Only a few of the people inviting to the party came to it.
 A B C D
50. The teacher asked Jenny why was she absent from the class meeting the day before.
 A B C D
I. There are five blanks in the passage below. From the phrases given in the box, choose the most suitable for each blank. There are TWO EXTRA PHRASES that you do not need to use (5 points):
A. survive and prosper
B. rising human numbers
C. protect and develop
D. are making the planet
E. into the sea
F. without any thought
G. fully aware 
Earth is the only place we know of the universe that can support human life, although human activities (51) _______ less fit to live on. At the moment attempts by a quarter of the world’s people to carry on consuming two-thirds of the world’s resources, and by half of the people just to stay alive, are destroying the only resource we have by which all people can (52) _______. Everywhere fertile soil is either built on or washed (53) _______. Renewable resources are exploited so much that they will never be able to recover completely. We discharge pollutants into atmosphere (54) _______of the consequences. As a result , the planet’s ability to support people is being lost at the very time when (55) _______and consumption are making increasingly heavy demands on it.
II. Read the passage below and decide which option A, B, C or D bests fits each space (10 points):
How far would you travel for a good meal? If you were a humpback whale, the answer would be five thousand miles. These large sea animals travel at least that far from their winter home off the (56) _______ of Columbia to their summer feeding areas off Antarctica. 
The distance covered by some types of whale is amazing, especially when you (57) _______ their enormous size. The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived on earth and it can weigh as much as thirty elephants. It (58)_______ as no surprise, therefore, to hear that ancient folk legends tell of sailors mistaking these creatures for islands. 
The more we (59) _______ about whales, the more wonderful they seem. Some species can hold their breath for more than an hour and dive to a depth of over 200 meters. They use a system of sounds (60) _______ as echo-location to find the fish they eat and they have further sounds to keep in (61) _______ with each other. The noises they (62) _______ can travel hundreds of miles under water. Some species seem to sing complicated songs which (63) _______ of a number of separate themes, sung in a specific order which can (64) _______ up to half an hour or more. If you ever get the (65) _______ to see one of these great creatures in the wild, you will understand why they have inspired so many legends.
56.	 A. seaside	B. ground	C. beach	D. coast 
57. 	A. view 	B. consider	C. believe	D. think 
58. 	A. comes	B. goes	C. gets	D. seems
59. 	A. look out 	B. find out	C. show up 	D. turn up
60. 	A. named	B. referred	C. known	D. called 
61.	A. reach 	B. touch 	C. range 	D. call
62. 	A. provide 	B. produce	C. process 	D. propose 	
63. 	A. include	B. compose 	C. consist	D. involve
64. 	A. last	B. long	C. play 	D. give
65. 	A. break 	B. chance 	C. luck	D. choice 
III. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each question (10 points):
	Commuting is the practice of travelling a long distance to a town or city to work each day, and then travelling home again in the evening. The word commuting comes from commutation ticket, a US rail ticket for repeated journeys, called a season ticket in Britain. Regular travelers are called commuters.
	The US has many commuters. A few, mostly on the East Coast, commute by train or subway, but most depend on the car. Some leave home very early to avoid the traffic jams, and sleep in their cars until their office opens. Many people accept a long trip to work so that they can live in quiet bedroom communities away from the city, but another reason is “white flight”. In the 1960s most cities began to desegregate their schools, so that there were no longer separate schools for white and black children. Many white families did not want to send their children to desegregated schools, so they moved to the suburbs, which have their own schools, and where, for various reasons, few black people live.
	Millions of people in Britain commute by car or train. Some spend two or three hours a day travelling, so that they and their families can live in suburbia or in the countryside. Cities are surrounded by commuter belts. Part of the commuter belt around London is called the stockbroker belt because it contains houses where rich business people live. Some places are becoming dormitory towns, because people sleep there but take little part in local activities.
	Most commuters travel to and from work at the same time, causing the morning and evening rush hours, when buses and trains are crowded and there are traffic jams on the roads. Commuters on trains rarely talk to each other and spend their journey reading, sleeping or using their mobile phones, though this is not popular with other passengers. Increasing numbers of people now work at home some days of the week, linked to their offices by computer, a practice called telecommuting.
	Cities in both Britain and the US are trying to reduce the number of cars coming into town each day. Some companies encourage car pooling (called car sharing in Britain), an arrangement for people who live and work near each other to travel together. Some US cities have a public service that helps such people to contact each other, and traffic lanes are reserved for car-pool vehicles. But cars and petrol/gas are cheap in the US, and many people prefer to drive alone because it gives them more freedom. In Britain many cities have park-and-ride schemes, car parks on the edge of the city from which buses take drivers into the centre.
66. All of the following are measures to reduce the number of cars coming into town each day in the US and / or Britain EXCEPT_______.
	A. car pooling/sharing	B. traffic lanes for car pooling
	C. park-and-ride schemes	D. free car parks in the city centre 
67. The word “desegregate” in paragraph 2 most probably means_______.
	A. end racial discrimination 	B. become worse in quality
	C. improve the quality	D. begin to re-equip
68. As mentioned in the passage, commuters usually_______.
	A. talk to each other during train journeys	B. go to work at different hours
	C. cause traffic congestion on the roads	D. go home from work at different hours
69. Which of the following is NOT true about the London commuter belt?
	A. It surrounds London.	
	B. It is like “bedroom communities” in the US.
	C. It is home to some wealthy business people.	
	D. It is in central London.
70. It can be inferred from the passage that dormitory towns in Britain are places where people_______.
	A. take part in local activities	B. contribute to the local community
	C. are employed locally	D. stay for the night	
71. The passage mentions that many Americans are willing to travel a long distance to work in order to be able to live in _______.
	A. comfortable bedrooms 	B. quiet neighborhoods 
	C. city centers	D. noisy communities
72. The phrase “linked to” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to_______.
	A. related to	B. connected to	C. satisfied with	D. shared with
73. The word “it” in the last paragraph refers to_______.
	A. driving alone	B. car pool	C. travelling together	D. petrol/gas
74. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
	A. Both the US and Britain have a great number of commuters.
	B. Britain has considerably more commuters than the US.
	C. Commuting helps people in the US and Britain save a lot of time.
	D. The US has considerably more commuters than Britain.
75. Which of the following definitions of commuting would the author of this passage most probably agree with?
	A. Travelling to work and then home again in a day within a rural district.
	B. Travelling for hours from a town or city to work in the countryside every day.
	C. Regularly travelling a long distance between one’s place of work and one’s home.
	D. Using a commutation ticket for special journeys in all seasons of the year.
I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before (5 points):
76. “If you don’t try harder, you will be given a sack, John,” the director said angrily.
@ The director threatened..
77. Tear gas was released as soon as the strikers attacked the riot police.
@ Hardly ..
78. Lama hates it when people criticize him unfairly.
@ Lama objects
79. The children can only wait and see what happens to their little dog.
@ The children have no..
80. The only reason the party was a success was that the Prime Minister attended.
@ But for...
II. Use the suggested words and phrases to write complete sentences of a paragraph (10 points):
81. On-line shopping / one / fastest / growing area / Net.
82. It / provide / users / large number / advantages / conventional shopping.
83. Customers / have / reach/ wider range / goods / any shopping center.
84. Shops / open / 24 hours / day / so / there / no / queues / parking problems.
85. And / you / can have / purchases / deliver / door.
86. What / more, / prices / competitive, / and you / able / find / best bargains / online price comparison services.
87. Such sites / search / Net / a product / then / show / you / how much different / prices / be.
88. Once / you / decide / what / buy, / simply click / “add to shopping basket” icon.
89. If / you / change / mind / later, / you / always / cancel / order.
90. No doubt, / on-line shopping / consider / most convenient / modern time.
III. Many students think that History is not as interesting and important as Maths, Literature, or English To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? In about 150 words, write a passage to support your opinion (10 points)
====THE END====
	Họ và tên thí sinh:Số báo danh..
	Họ và tên Giám thị 1:..Chữ ký...
	Họ và tên Giám thị 2:..Chữ ký...
NĂM HỌC 2013-2014
Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút
Ngày thi: 04/4/2014
Part 1: (10 points):1.0 point for each correct answer: 
1. fishing boat 	2. circumstances 	3. calm waters 	4. crashed 	5. whole story 6. in prison 	7. Eventually 	8. had stolen 	9. 25,000 	10. to push 
Part 2: (5 points):1.0 point for each correct answer:
	11. F	12. F	13. T	14. F	15. T
B. PHONETICS (5 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
	16. D	17. D	18. A	19. C	20. C
I. (20 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
	21. C	22. C	23. A	24. B	25. C
	26. C	27. D	28. B	29. A	30. A
	31. B	32. C	33. C	34. A	35. C
	36. D	37. C	38. A	39. A	40. D	
II. (5 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
III. (5 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
	46. C	47. D	48. C	49. C	50. B
I. (5 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
	51. D	52. A	53. E	54. F	55. B
II. (10 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
	56. D	57. B	58. A	59. B	60. C
	61. B	62. B	63. C	64. A	65. B
III. (10 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
	66. D	67. A	68. C	69. D	70. D
	71. B	72. B	73. A	74. A	75. C
I. (5 points): 1.0 point for each correct answer:
76. The director threatened to give John a sack if he did not try harder.
Or, The director threatened to sack John if he did not try harder.
Or, The director threatened to give a sack to John if he did not try harder.
77. Hardly had the strikers attacked the riot police when tear gas was released.
78. Lama objects to being criticized unfairly.
Or, Lama objects to people(‘s) criticizing him unfairly.
79. The children have no choice but to wait and see what happens to their little dog.
80. But for the Prime Minister’s attendance, the party would not have been a success.
Or, But for the Prime Minister’s attendance, the party would not have been successful.
II. (10 points): 
81. On-line shopping is one of the fastest growing areas of the Net. (1 p)
82. It provides users with a large number of advantages over conventional shopping. (1 p)
83. Customers are offered a wider range of goods than in any shopping center. (1 p)
84. Shops open / are open(ed) 24 hours a day (0.5 p) , so there are no queues or / and parking problems (0.5 p) . 
85. You can have your purchases delivered to your door. (1 p)
86. What’s more, prices are competitive (0.5 p), and you will be / are able to find the best bargains with / through online price comparison services (0.5 p).
87. Such sites search the Net for a product (0.5 p) and then show you how much different the prices are (0.5 p).
88. Once you have decided what you are going to buy / what to buy (0.5 p), simply click on the “add to shopping basket” icon (0.5 p). 
89. If you change your mind later, you can always cancel your order. (1 p)
90. No doubt, on-line shopping is considered the most convenient in modern time. (1 p)
III. (10 points):
1. Organization: 2 points
	+ correct form of a paragraph 
	+ coherent
2. Content: 4 points
 	+ Successful fulfillment of the task
3. Language: 4 points
	+ appropriate vocabulary
	+ correct grammar
	+ punctuation / spelling

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